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    CASE: Cooler Master HAF 912+
    SPEAKERS : logitech z-5500 5.1
    HEADPHONES : Logitech g930 + sennheiser something something
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    CPU : Intel Core i5 2500k Sandy bridge @ 4,6Ghz (4,2Ghz summer)
    CPU cooler : CM Hyper 212+ push pull
    GPU : MSI Nvidia gtx 670 2GB @stock
    RAM : Kingston DDR3 12GB @ 1600Mhz
    PSU : Corsair AX850 modular psu
    UPS : Eaton 3S 700
    HDD/SSD : Samsung & kingston
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  1. Sorry Tj, i did see this post until now. Well the Rebel Xsi is a nice camera and have a lot of features / fuctions but just missing a few megapixels (ya know the thing everyone really wants lol). So getting a photo the way you discribed without any post work is a bit hard. If you don't have acess to any RAW editing program it's a fight to get that image in camera prefectly. Heres some quick settings you should do and as long as their is no direct light (like a street lamp you should be okay). 1. set up a tri-pod (this is a must for night and it can be super cheap one). 2. For blurry stars and a still background kinda like this http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/9303589165/ you will need to do a few things A) need to set your ISO to the lowest the camera can do. Most likely 100ISO B) Depending on long long you want the exposure for (30secs to hours) you can try something like an wide open apature aka F-stop (1.4-4 F-stop you will find. Really good ones go to 1.4 . Mine only goes to 1.8 but 2.8 is sharper). C) Set the camera to Bulb (usally it will say B right next to the M (manual) option on the top wheel. D) Either be Super steady (like no movement while pressing the button for 5 minutes) or get a release cable. usually the knock offs are a few dollars on ebay. real ones are 20-30$. I use the knock offs. E) Set the time. That picture was 126 seconds. So anything after 30 is bulb and you will have to count. One thing you could try is having magic lantern on your camera,it's a custom firmware made for pretty much every single "higher-end" Canon DSLR there is, it's got some cool functions like intervalometer capability - in a nutshell, a fully customizable auto-shoot mode. Just set the amount of photos you wanna take and the interval between shots with the exposure settings preset manually. I've used it to get long timelapses of the night sky, to customize fps when recording videos, and to get a better idea of the lighting conditions with the different meters it's got. http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Magic_Lantern_Firmware_Wiki By the way, those are some awesome photos you got there... I feel jealous I've only got a measly pos DSLR... a sort of european version of Rebel Ti Edit. spelling
  2. Mara

    Hello people at OCC!

    Oh I know * lurkedy lurk *
  3. Just ordered a component cable and a pair of genuine Sony dual-shock PS2 controllers for my 12 year old playstation 2, so I voted none. It has been rejuvenated mwahaha! Gotta love the ingenuity of desing you find when you take a playstation 2 apart to clean a decade worth of dust... Also, PC over console any day for me (unless it's PS2 vs. PC, then its both )
  4. Thanks! By the way ( a little off topic sorry) , I just got a great idea from your problem, I have a friend that has no microphone at the moment but has speakers and small iPod earphones, so no way of using skype, teamspeak etc. So I thought to myself "Let's test that theory of small speakers working in reverse when amplified", telling my friend to plug the iPod earphones into the mic jack, and the speakers in the way they're supposed to.. and it WORKED! It sounds like he's calling from outer space with a landline phone made out of wood but it still works! So speakers are designed to output sound and microphones to receive and transmit it, but they work great in reverse when amplified enough, next up yelling into my subwoofer plugged into a mic jack edit. spelling
  5. Hi everyone, I've been lurking around your website for the last 4-5 years and so I finally decided to go ahead and join the community. I've build computers since 2008 and right now I'm applying for a school to get my degree in IT & networks, or maybe some sort of electricians degree not sure yet.. I'm looking forward getting to know you all and helping with anything I possibly can, thanks for having me OCC! Oh and just so we're clear, I'm a guy. Some people have a problem understanding that because of my name I guess *shrug* - Mara
  6. My guess would be your Y splitter is connecting your headphones with your speakers electrically, and then when amplified enough, the headphones can work in reverse enabling you to hear your voice through the speakers. So I'm assuming your 2ch logitech's got some sort of amplifying circuit in them. If that's not the case then maybe your 3.5mm plug has both headphone and mic functionality? Oh and hey I'm new at OCC, been lurking this site for the past 4-5 years and finally I decided to act and register. Looking forward to knowing you people at OCC!
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