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    Its mainly single player but has Online function that is half baked (for now). Think of GTA5 but a western movie.
  2. None of those things in the article will do anything. GTA 5 is very CPU intense. I suggest going in and start with low settings and dail it up as you play. See what works best. If your on intels iGPU, it might never be playable above 1280x720.
  3. If you can get all sorts of sizes of pads off amazon and newegg. Only so many choices, .5mm 1mm and 1.5mm. https://www.newegg.com/p/2S7-009N-00010?Description=thermal pads&cm_re=thermal_pads-_-2S7-009N-00010-_-Product I had the GTX 1070 version, same cooler and PCB. I believe it was 1mm. I had the same problem when I went to put my cooler back on after a waterblock. Its been over 4 years since I did it, so I really don't remember honestly.
  4. What year is this 1998? Your taking about DDR-266 and DDR-400 here. The FSB and DDR overclocking was before my time. Maybe someone else can help, but knowing the CPU might help a bit too.
  5. The microcenter guy is wrong about the memory controller. It is actually on the CPU. So the only thing that the motherboard has control over is voltage stability and signal integrity. Some extreme overclockers have been getting 5000+ on the memory with a B550 chipset, but you will find its all with the new Zen 3 CPUs. Just marketing to show off that B550 isnt just a budget product. I believe the world records are still on the x570. In either case, all those really high records aren't for daily use or even 16GB. Most are a single 8GB DIMM with half disabled. For memory, 3600 speed is plug n play, though my limited experience with 4 dimms vs 2 tells me you are going to have a hard time overclocking. However if you are going just running at stock, proabably wont have much issues. That is also where the quailty of the mb comes into play at lot more. More dimms means you need better voltage regulation and PCB signal integrity.
  6. @wildman2 thanks! Apparently I cant use Google very well lol. Well in that case the MSI Unify is my first choice over gigabyte. I just like MSI BIOS better and have had better memory compatibility. Overall whatever is cheaper of the two.
  7. ir_cow

    New Build

    Yes "Boost" is up to 5Ghz. So 50x is correct. However thats for 1 core only. A lot of motherboards will do all-core as a default, which is technically wrong to do so as its not in Intels specs. Second is the power package limit is 250~ watts I believe. Either you need to lower the voltage or overclock it manually.
  8. But thats only going to tell you idle voltage. Still its a start.
  9. Ohh we are going waaay back to AMD X2 days. Well you said the system died. So it could be a number of things, but the good news is replacements parts used on ebay are really cheap. The only thing that might be a problem in replacing is the Power Supply since the standard has charged and shifted from 3.3v / 5v to 12v. So lets start with what it does. Like how did it die? does it not power on, not boot into linux, system crashes, etc.
  10. Glad to see your build coming to life. For motherboards and I believe for what you will be using it for, which is hands off 99% uptime. Best thing you can do is get a board with a good VRM so it doesn't overheat. The 5900X will use around 80-120 AMPs as it boosts up and down. My 5800X is constant 85A because I turned boost off and leave it at 4.6ghz all-core. That 5900x has a few extra cores. Anyways of the three choices I would say the Aorus Master. Simply because A) it uses 12x50a (600 AMPs) IR3556. The Asus has the same 12x50 config but using Vishay power stages. These seems to be more budget oriented. Finally the MSI Unify....I couldn't find any review that actually looked the VRM part number...Thats a no go for me. --- Next is the memory. It is true that having your memory in sync with the FCLK dramatically lowers latency. 2:1 can be as high as 80ms and 64~ on the optimal frequency and FCLK. But it gets more complicated from there. Timings also change the latency. I haven't looked into anything but games in my investigations. In those at least, by inducing latency with higher timings had a lower impact than a 2:1 FLCK ratio. With that bit of information I would take a for example 4000 memory with CL19 over 3600 CL14 IF the FCLK was still 1:1. Of course this 2000 Mhz FLCK can only be achieved on the new Zen 3 CPUs (5000 series). I have only played around with it a little bit, but so far it seems exactly the same as previous CPUs. If you want the highest FLCK you must raise the SoC voltage. I usually sit a 1.125v, but a lot of people do not want to play around with voltages and stability testing. I have "heard" that 4 DIMMS is better in performance then 2 even for dual channel CPUs like Ryzen. However I have not tested this out in a scientific way. The only thing I can say for sure is that the more DIMMS you have, the more stability issues arise at higher frequencies. I had a super hard time getting 4x8GB 3800 stable, where as 2x16GB 3800 had no problems. Same amount of memory, same timings. On a side note, booting to windows does not count people! Must validate with Memtest86. Since you are using Chrome, I would aim for a 3600 64GB (2x32GB) kit. I'm sure 32GB is enough, but Chrome does eat a lot of memory depending on the web page. Don't worry about 4000 / 2000. You are aiming for maximum up time. You will theoretically take a hit in latency, but I don't know how much for your applicational use.
  11. Update: 1.05 Patch solves this AMD issue. If you are on a AMD CPU, apply this hex patch. It gave me a good boost in FPS for my Threadripper 1920x. Apparently the game engine uses core count, not thread count. So half your CPU goes unused. 1. Download HxD Hex Editor 2. Find the executable Cyberpunk2077.exe 3. Make a backup copy of Cyberpunk2077.exe just in case 4. Drag Cyberpunk2077.exe to the HxD, a lot of hexadecimal numbers should appear (01 FF 0D, etc. ) 5. Press CTRL + F, change the column to hexadecimal values 6. Put “75 30 33 C9 B8 01 00 00 00 0F A2 8B C8 C1 F9 08” in the search line without quotes, those values should be highlighted 7. Copy "EB 30 33 C9 B8 01 00 00 00 0F A2 8B C8 C1 F9 08" without quotation marks 8. Now in HxD, this copied value right click on the value and paste the new hexadecimal value 9. In the toolbar of above, click on save and voila. If it does not work out for you, just swap back the old executable file. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/small-hack-could-improve-cyberpunk-2070-perf-for-gamers-on-certain-amd-processors.html
  12. I left RTX on but changed DLSS from Auto to Balanced. Can't tell its on now and its at a playable framerate. Before when left on Auto all,the edges and reflection looked a bit odd. Hard to describe.
  13. Edit: I just played about 2 hours. Super buggy game, but still loads of fun. Not as bad as Fallout but people are walking through walls and certain story events won't start unless you are standing exactly in the right place.
  14. Oh lame. I ended up getting the GOG version after complaining about making a account lol. If you boot it up, a screen appears saying "Jonny: Go back to sleep, Samurai. It's not December 10th yet!" Apparently it links to Epic and Microsoft which I did not know. It actually makes things more streamlined. Here is hoping Orgins, Ubisoft and Steam get added for official linkage.
  15. fire up and game now and enjoy the little easter egg before the 10th
  16. I'll be adding it to my benchmarks at some point. But first I have to play it! Pre-loading it now. If its like witcher 3 quality. Worth every penny.
  17. Interesting. I wonder why game news outlets are reporting that the Steam / Epic versions will have DRM. I knew all the past games didn't have DRM, so I was surprised it was announced for 2077. I'm sure it started with outlet miss reporting and now they are all. I much rather buy the steam or epic version because I don't want to have to make a GOG account for a single game.
  18. Don't forget to buy the GOG version. 100% goes to CD Red and it doesn't have DRM like the Steam and Epic versions
  19. @kitfit1 What are you using to cool that 3950X beast, and at what voltage?
  20. Ohh I'll have to look into this. Someone finally hacked the 5600XT BIOS? I saw progress last year, but all attempts failed to install drivers post flash. The 5700 to XT is easy and works due to being the same Silcon. The 5600XT is not however so power and frequency is limited to whatever AMD sets in the drivers. Edit: Not to shit on the work, but last I checked MorePowerTool doesnt work with 2020 drivers. AMD put a stop to the registry edits. So 2019 drivers will work, but that means you cant play any new games properly. The modified BIOS link is broken. Can't complete the guide without it. Here is the reddit post with working links. It seems people have having issues getting it to work. I'll try this weekend with my Powercolor card. I also have a XFX one I will try as welll.
  21. Braegnok has good starting questions. Cooling is very important for the 10900k, it eats power for breakfast. I would honestly do clear the bios and start fresh unless you have something special setup in the bios like a nvme raid. Don't enable XMP yet since it can change the power settings, clock speed etc for the CPU. Boot into Windows, check idle temps and work from there. We both have 10900K chips, though I think Braegnok might have a better understanding of routine stuff. I just leave mine with a all-core overclocked for benchmark consistency. I could give you a bunch of reasons and solutions to way it is BSOD on you, but its counter productive. Start with the basics like cooling. We will get you fixed up
  22. I would recommend a fresh install, especially switching chipsets and platforms. Windows 10 does handle it better then Win7 which usually fails to even boot if you switch chipsets, but it will be a mess if you don't do a fresh install. Grab the newest ISO build from microsoft website and image it a flash drive. much quicker install vs DVD. Since you will have the flash drive, make a folder called drivers on the flash drive and download all the motherboard drivers, graphics, firefox, chrome, etc now before you swap computers. That way you wont have to even use the godawful Internet Explorer / Edge. For safety I unplug my secondary drives so that windows doesn't reformat them or something stupid (its happend to me). You will have to reinstall all the programs you use since the regigery files will be gone, but all your data will be safe on another drive.
  23. First question is how much up-time are you looking for? Honestly this sounds like you launched your own bot scalping system using phython scripting which is completely out side my realm of knowledge. Maybe someone else has a better understanding of what loads this will put on the CPU.
  24. My 5800X arrived today. Still haven't install it, I got a few reviews to finish up first.
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