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  1. maybe i should just pick the Top-Proformence option in the bois, it only boosted me to 2.1ghz so i guess its a start. but then i'll go for the vcore does anyone esle have a AMD3000+ oCEd? it would be nice to know what i can get out of this cpu
  2. hey man thanks a million but 1 more Q what is my votage controler? as you can see the picture of the bois shows CPU Votage Control VDDQ Votage control VCC12_HT Votage controler DDR Votage controller now whats what? i know DDr one that for if your ram needs higher votage, thats easy. but a little help on the others might be good btw CPU temp os 37'C Video card (e-geforce 6800gt) is at 55'c and system temp is 38'c any recondations for amouts of extra vots needed for a stable cpu?
  3. alright i need need help ocing my cpu, iv only worked with ram and video cards cpus are complety new to me soooo if anyone would be so kind and maybe help me would be so nice. p.s i think i posted a cpuz picture bois oc options but i duno..we'll see.
  4. this sounds like what i tryd to do. did you take your old hd with windows xp on it from your last computer and tryd to use it in your new one thinking it would boot on a diffrent computer? well it wont Microsft has done it again and made it so theres a block againt moving your hdd to another computer so just reinstall windows thats all
  5. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! DONT RMA IT!!! with my e-geforce GT 265mb agp card stock speed with 1.5gb of 3200ddr at(2100) with an AMD64 3000+ i got 31.4fps at 1024x768 with AA4x and AF16x on HIGH settings, Ultra i got 25fps but danm dude 16x really REALLY pushings anyones card dont RMA it, no cards can run doom3 like that, atlest yet
  6. the GT stock clock is 350 core 1ghz memory, that can clock to around stock Ultra which is 400/1.1ghz now the ultra you see has a bigger heatsink so the stock is 400core and memory 1.2ghz now that can be clocked to 450-475 (depends on how cool your case runs at) and the memory can stay the same or upped 100mhz now all this does not make a diffrence since mostly all benchmarks show that even with the the p4 4ghz boths cards stay within 5fps of eachother at stock so overlcocking at this points is just going to cook your card and a waste of energy
  7. i get about 5mb download with Cable (Road Runner) and dsl does have a faster d/l speed somtimes, more offten a better upload speed
  8. Defrag, Defrag, Defrag, just defrag your hard driver. thats probly on of your problems next check your processes and make sure its less then 25, AMD chips cant handle high amount of things at once. and if you did install Kazaa or somthing like that, that ALWAYS slows your . down.
  9. my score went from 10,100 Geforce 6800 GT at(128) to 10,600 with it at (256) i think it does make a diffrence i seen my games with AA8x and AF8x really chnage with the higher setting and i also got 1.5gb of 3200DDr so im not running low anytime soon
  10. i got that ram, but you overspent b/c therw is a version of the same ram just without the LEDS for a LOT cheaper btw nice choice with the e-geforce 6800, i got mine the day it came out(per-odered) but i got the GT verison put 2 extra fans on it and clocked it to ultra
  11. have no fear i had the same problem, its your board, i have a gigbite k8Xp pro board and the second i got it the thing kept rebooting, so i swicthed parts left and right then it stopped, i concluded it didnt like my ram either/or grafix card (geforce 5600 256mg) and my ram was curcial but well once i did a clean formate of my hd (WD 80gb) and swiched parts it started to work. but i also flashed my bios so i duno..maybe i helped
  12. www.newegg.com or accaully at the BFG website same with PHY
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