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  1. alright i'm ocing my cpu to 2.4ghz from the stock 2.0ghz now the problem i have is it post and runs prime95 for an hour and the temps 35'c with the room temp at 29'c


    now when i oc to 2.4ghz (HTT 240) from 235 it posts boots to windows blue screen and frezze's everytime. i did a cold boot and everything, does anyone have a suggestion.




    my rams set at 3-4-4-8 since the same ram pc4000(230) is set for that but my ram voltage is only 2.5, at 3200(200) crosair says the ram should to running at 2.6 and 4000 at 2.75, does voltage really make a diffrence?

  2. im about to turn my case completly quite, since i have a computer that im using right now with 9 fans at 27dba it kills me and i power supplie with 35dba + stock amd64 fan which im guessing is high.


    so my question is. if i get the ZERo dba thermaltake PSU and the 6800's waterblock and cpu waterblock + hdd coolers the only sound i would have is the watercooling system, now whats the quites water system that will keep my system at altlest 40'c which is what my fans are doing. b/c theirs no point in water cooling if the sounds still there, i can stand around 25dba from one or 2 fans(radiator), or should i go with external system?

  3. yes but you only want to softmod if you have

    1. in fact the same gpu

    2. the same board

    3. if you have time to kill


    just changing the speeds does the same thing, if you softmod it your heat will be the same as overclocking it but it cant go low then the stock speed its softmoded to

  4. what the heck you guys crying about, halo2 isnt any better then the frist, and + Xbox blows making the game just no good intill the pc version shows what halo2 can really do




    AA8x AF8x

    max settings, you'll see why pc is sitll the best, till ps3 of course, but not the .*box

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