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  1. Edit: I just played about 2 hours. Super buggy game, but still loads of fun. Not as bad as Fallout but people are walking through walls and certain story events won't start unless you are standing exactly in the right place.

  2. 1 hour ago, cjloki said:

    steam isn't letting me go yet :cry:

    Oh lame. I ended up getting the GOG version after complaining about making a account lol. If you boot it up, a screen appears saying 

    "Jonny: Go back to sleep, Samurai. It's not December 10th yet!"

    Apparently it links to Epic and Microsoft which I did not know. It actually makes things more streamlined. Here is hoping Orgins, Ubisoft and Steam get added for official linkage.

  3. Interesting. I wonder why game news outlets are reporting that the Steam / Epic versions will have DRM.  I knew all the past games didn't have DRM, so I was surprised it was announced for 2077. I'm sure it started with outlet miss reporting and now they are all.

    I much rather buy the steam or epic version because I don't want to have to make a GOG account for a single game.

  4. Ohh I'll have to look into this. Someone finally hacked the 5600XT BIOS? 

    I saw progress last year, but all attempts failed to install drivers post flash.

    The 5700 to XT is easy and works due to being the same Silcon. The 5600XT is not however so power and frequency is limited to whatever AMD sets in the drivers.

    Edit: Not to shit on the work, but last I checked MorePowerTool doesnt work with 2020 drivers. AMD put a stop to the registry edits. So 2019 drivers will work, but that means you cant play any new games properly.


    The modified BIOS link is broken. Can't complete the guide without it.

    Here is the reddit post with working links. It seems people have having issues getting it to work. I'll try this weekend with my Powercolor card. I also have a XFX one I will try as welll.



  5. Braegnok has good starting questions.

    Cooling is very important for the 10900k, it eats power for breakfast. 

    I would honestly do clear the bios and start fresh unless you have something special setup in the bios like a nvme raid.

    Don't enable XMP yet since it can change the power settings, clock speed etc for the CPU.

    Boot into Windows, check idle temps and work from there.

    We both have 10900K chips, though I think Braegnok might have a better understanding of routine stuff. I just leave mine with a all-core overclocked for benchmark consistency.

    I could give you a bunch of reasons and solutions to way it is BSOD on you, but its counter productive. Start with the basics like cooling. We will get you fixed up :)

  6. I would recommend a fresh install, especially switching chipsets and platforms. Windows 10 does handle it better then Win7 which usually fails to even boot if you switch chipsets, but it will be a mess if you don't do a fresh install. Grab the newest ISO build from microsoft website and image it a flash drive. much quicker install vs DVD.

    Since you will have the flash drive, make a folder called drivers on the flash drive and download all the motherboard drivers, graphics, firefox, chrome, etc now before you swap computers. That way you wont have to even use the godawful Internet Explorer / Edge.

    For safety I unplug my secondary drives so that windows doesn't reformat them or something stupid (its happend to me). You will have to reinstall all the programs you use since the regigery files will be gone, but all your data will be safe on another drive.

  7. Indeed the RTX 3060 Ti will be the absolute best buy if its under $300 AND the "leaked" benchmarks are correct and comes out sometime this year. That is until AMD puts out a 6600 or something.

    As for AMD....well unless you can get your hands on a AMD 5600X, that Intel 10700k will wipe the floor in gaming compared to the last gen Ryzen (3000). It also depends on the game, resolution and graphical settings. Only when you are CPU bound, which is primary only 1920x1080 and below these days, does it have a major impact.

  8. First off I did suggest a CMOS reset if you actually read the replies.


    Cant help someone if no one has done it before on these forums. We are just guessing how to fix it. The guide I wrote was for desktop GPUs....

    If someone reference it and doesnt use it properly. Thats on them.

    I'll stick to my orignal statment. It shouldnt work due to being a different GPU SKU.

    People say it does, but it i don't suggest it. "Unlocking" the power limit on a laptop is a horrible idea. For example the RTX 2070 mobile has a 80 Watt TDP. Unloxking it to 200+ spells disaster to me.

    Has anyone done a VRM analysis? I highly doubt it wil be the same 12-16 phase design. Not only is 200+ watts on a latop GPU a bad idea (cooling wise) BUT that VRM wil get toasty quick.

    I think people who do this flash are asking for a laptop that overheats..

  9. 5 hours ago, Cespenar said:

    Interesting to see people wanting to see how the new stuff operates.

    I was, also, a time or three before.

    But my Asus 980 Strix and 4790 in Z97 Pro gamer is giving me 144 fps in Elite Dangerous and BL3.

    Should see me out.


    Thats what makes it fun! 

    If a could overclock a $100 i3 chip to the extreme on LN2 I would. But its money I do not have to spend.

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