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  1. Frank retired from the computer world. He is still around if your FB buddies with him. I haven't personally chatted with him in about 3 years. Once I took over video cards he vanished. Now im gone from OCC as well. TPU keeps me busy with the Alder Lake release. Playing around with DDR5-6400 memory right now. Its crazy how fast these are. I still remember buying DDR-400 ans thinking it was amazing.
  2. Thanks Jim! I might be a bit over my head. But I knew what I was getting into when I applied. TPU is the major leagues . I'm still here though in a support role to help out the next person that takes my position. I'll try and visit my old stomping ground more. I miss OCC 2008-2012 era. But I think a lot of forums are dying and moving to discord. Its the sad truth. Computer tech has slowed way down and playing on a game console is my preferred method. No drivers, hardware updates or windows to deal with. It just works. The benefit of PC is of course you get better graphics, higher frame rate and resolution. Not to mention RTS games just do not work on game consoles.
  3. Yeah its a lot of spam bots these days. I was deleting them everyday before but now I have duties elsewhere. Some of you may know already that I left my review position here recently. Now over at TPU reviewing motherboards and Memory. I was checking these forums daily but not many posters. Good to see people still active! I'm still rocking a Threadripper 1920X for my main computer/workstation. Its getting a bit dated now. I am just waiting to see what Intel new 12th gen is like or what AMD does in 2022. I doubt AMD will have another threadripper after the 50000 series comes out (Which is based on the Zen 3 desktop version) for a long time. Probably looking at 4-5 years before the next Threadripper with DDR5 support. Either way I'm going DDR5 and at least 128GB of ram.
  4. Noctua is still considered one of the beat heatsink and fan companies. NH-D15 and NH-D15S are rocking coolers, but cost a bit more then most.
  5. I don't think I've ever tried afterburner with RDR2. I mean to say with a overlay from rivatuner. I'll give it a go later today and see what happens,
  6. Ahh the good old heat failure. I honestly forget this is still a thing. Should be on top of my troubleshooting list again.
  7. Hmm you are right. I am looking at my Red Devil and it is 260 Stock. Overclocked reaches 330 watts. I always thought it was higher.
  8. Most likely it is that the Vega cards pull 300+ watts lol. My Red Devil is 290 stock. Unless you are water cooling, it gets toasty. So undervolting helps. Here for the 6600XT, it drew 145 watts in all 3 benchmark and was 2.6Ghz~ in all 3. Thats what I was getting for games as well. Sometimes a peak of 2.65Ghz. Overclocking hit the wall of 2.75Ghz due to lack of voltage. I should revisit the 6800 XT and undervolt it.
  9. Alright I did the basics. Not much as changed between Stock 1.15v, Auto Undervolt 1.125v and manually 1.1v. Below this it just BSOD. Time Spy Scores where close. Even the clock frequency was close and this XFX card has good cooler for 145Watts. The temps are similar as well. Maybe if you have the barebones heatsink, this would help.. Auto Undervolt 1.125v TimeSpy stock / Default 1.15v TimeSpy Manually 1.1v TimeSpy
  10. Sure can do. I'll pop it in right now. What exactly are you looking for with undervolting? I'll report temps, clock frequency and 3DMark score timespy score for before and after. If you have another program or something specific, let me know.
  11. Overpriced when compared to what exactly?
  12. Hello! Are you applying these settings in Ryzen Master or inside the BIOS? For me I have better luck manually setting these things in the BIOS, but the software works fairly well too. Well I can tell you that 1.35v @ 4.5Ghz is a starting point for a overclock. Since you are not overclocking at all, you should start with 1.3v and work your way down until it BSOD on you again. I personally have not played around with undervolting, but I think people disable PBO so to avoid a single core boosting to 4.7Ghz. Sorry I can't be more of a help. The best thing you can do is just raise the voltage until its stable. Work off of that value.
  13. The sites accepts PayPal so you could in theory get that money back. But seeing how all the EVGA 3080 Ti SKUs have a 3-6 months que on EVGA website, it makes me think that not many where sent to retailers...if any.
  14. Oh good point @sticknstone. If you had a recent windows update, roll it back if you can.
  15. This one is hard to believe. If you have the money to spare, give it a go.
  16. Nope. The key person behind SLI retired. Shortly after SLI support started to drop to what it is now. NVLink for Quadros is not used in the same way. The RTX 3090 only has a connector because it was geared towards pro-consumers and not gamers. Still it will go unused for those as well. SLI as we knew it is dead. The next step for nvidia will be to do muti-die GPU Chiplet design that AMD is doing as well.
  17. What troubleshooting have you tried so far? If it isn't freezing the computer / BSOD and only crashing to the desktop that points to a game/driver/software/video card issue. Without some testing it is impossible to tell. However before jumping to a conclusion straight away I always do my same basic trouble shooting to narrow down the possible suspects. Yes it takes longer, but it makes troubleshooting complicated and unexplainable thing much easier.\ Start with- Reinstall drivers - Download DDU and uninstall the drivers. Reinstall with the newest NVIDIA ones. Verify Game Content- Sometimes games get corrupted from multiple updates. Most games have data integrity check via Steam, Ubisoft and Epic Launchers. Next hardware testing- Memory Test - Download and run Memtest86. It will require a bank USB drive. AIDA64 has a built in memory stress test as well. That will work too. GPU Check - Download MSI Kombuster and loop it while monitoring temps in GPU-Z CPU Check - Download a CPU stress program and watch for temperature issues
  18. Ohh. Like it was not initialing during start up?
  19. Sounds like a program is starting with windows and automatically minimizing. It could be anything really, hard to say what program(s) do that. It is pretty common. You could try and see what is starting with windows and disable things one at a time.
  20. While I am no expert on air coolers, Noctua is always solid choice. Air cooling "technology" hasn't changed much in 10 years.
  21. Glad you found a solution! I love the CM Hyper 212. I see your still rocking GTX 780 SLI. You may be disappointed to find SLI support is removed and not coming back on the new cards :/
  22. @cjloki possibly. When comparing to the 3090 it is clearly a better choice unless you absolutely need 24GB of vram. On AMDs side the high end is 6900XT which roughly 5% increase over the 6800XT (which is much cheaper). In either case both are great choices for non RT gaming. So it really comes down to what your in the market for. RT performance? DLSS support? Those are NVIDIA dominant things right now. No way around it. I peronally think the sweet spot is still 6800XT / RTX 3080. Heck I'm still using a Titan XP as my main gaming card. I have acess to everything else, but for the games I plag regularly like Destiny 2, BF 4 and COD, I'm happy at 100 fps for my 2K monitor. I guess think of it this way. How many years are you planning to use it and what features does the 3080 Ti carry you think is important. The 12GB of vram is great for future games and DLSS is the way to go in 4K if you cant tell in image fidelity ( I honestly can't on quailty preset). With FSR as well this will ensure the 3080 Ti will be powerful enough for years to come. Of course not at native resolution.
  23. Lots of the new AIOs have a fill port now. Other than ID-Cooling I cant think of any off the top of my head because I rarely use them. Either open-loop or aircooling for my hardware. The ID-Cooling I have for the Ryzen test system is because Red454 (Chris - OCC reviewer) gave it to me. He actually has a lot of cooler videos on OCC YouTube channel. Worth a watch since your in the market.
  24. @sticknstone Wouldn't you think a clean windows install would solve all the driver issues? I guess it could be that Soundblaster is conflicting with NVIDIA Audio. I read so many problems with sound cards these days. I would also suggest removing the card if the dump file doesn't give any better clues. Heck I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2. I still remember to this day fighting the drivers weekly.
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