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  1. ir_cow

    Barton 2600+ 50oc Idle Temp?

    Man if you are talking about a AMD XP 2600+. I don't think it matters what overclock you put on it in 2019 sorry to say.
  2. I ran two 1080 Tis on 8x PCIE 2.0. Seemed to only lose a few thousand points depending on the project WU. You can look at GPU-Z and see in real-time the bandwidth being used. So I am going to say, no noticeable difference from 16x to 8X. If you have PCIE 3.0, than you don't have to worry at all.
  3. Intels solution to everything is just make a new socket instead of lowering prices haha.
  4. The only reason any cpu gets a price drop because it reach End of Life status and extra stock is being dumped. That's what I have observed over the yesrs.
  5. Stay tuned for a article on this subject (2 weeks ish). I saw buildzoid videos but he didnt do any real world benchmarks. Good starting point for me though. Games like FarCry 5 is 10-15 FPS hit for me going from 3200 to 2400 on my threadripper. Now infinity fabric is even more intermixed, I wouldnt be surprised if its even a bigger hit in games when either breaking the 1:1 ratio or running below Native 3200 speeds.
  6. Yes? Maybe? I dont have a board on hand yet (next week). Some of the extreme overclockers get infinity to work 1:1 with DDR4 3800. I guess that is the real limit before the ratio breaks and you take a 20ns+ hit making is preform worse than say a 3200CL16 kit. Does it matter in real world apps? That I do not know, havent tested it yet.
  7. ir_cow

    Unable to view OCC website.

    You any seeing things. It was just a weather balloon, not a website outage.
  8. ir_cow

    Cumulative update BSOD issues

    I turn off windows updates for this exact reason.
  9. G.Skill is my go to brand. I havent heard of any compatibility issues until now. Reminds me of when Ryzen first came out and you have to use Samsung B-Die to go above 2666. Eventually every board worked with any brand up to 2933, only took a year. Edit: I would follow the Ram manufacturer QVL list over motherboards QVL. Hard to say with the Ryzen 3000 since its so new and the BIOS isn't mature enough yet.
  10. Well if you have the Tripple Fan version "426018336-4207" Its a Non-A GPU so you cannot flash it to the Phoenix GS. If you have the base Phoenix model "426018336-4139" Than the Power Limit is only 10 watts difference and still tops out at 250. You are going to want the EVGA XC Ultra BIOS I have linked in the guide. Its Power Limit is 292 Watts. https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/how_to_flash_rtx_bios/ As far flashing, It looks like you added a few extra steps. nvflash64 --protectoff nvflash64 -b backup.rom nvflash64 -6 NAME.rom (NAME is the file name of the bios you are trying to flash) It should work but sometimes you need to use the mismatched nvflash version https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash-with-board-id-mismatch-disabled/
  11. Is this computer from 2003? I see you are talking about DDR1 but without content to the CPU and chipset, its hard to say what is good.
  12. ir_cow

    MSI RTX 2070 Fan Grinding Noise

    It would be a last resort. Should be able to RMA it. Warranties are usually 3 years. If you cant, than find the blade thats hitting a file, sand or cut it down.
  13. ir_cow

    Single player games

    Watch Dogs was a snore fest. I had to force myself to try and finish it. I think im on the last mission, cant bring myself to play it again.
  14. ir_cow

    Single player games

    I can't believe I forgot about Witcher 3 or Hellblade. Man those are great SP games.
  15. ir_cow

    2 TB hard drive problem

    Depends what type od clicking. A head crash can tick also. I would say if the drive wont read or write its garbage.