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  1. well it sounds like it might be something with the mobo or the cpu...b/c you said you put your old mobo back in and the vid card worked just fine. so what i would do woould be to take my cpu to a freinds house and let them try it out to see if it works and then have a friend test your mobo with there processor b/c if it can run the xp processors it can run an older one like a duron or athlon. you might also want to see if the motherboard can hadle that card or if there is a bios update to make it work with those cards. hope this helps you Tang
  2. i used auto paint on my case and followed it up with a clear coat and it turned out fined.
  3. The antec and the lain li case are very well build cases that a sturdy and will last a long time
  4. there are a couple of programs out there that you can use: one i like is the riva tuner it works great
  5. #### it does not matter to me i have a abit board....
  6. My DRAGON ORB 3 keeps my cpu cool enough...my next step will be water if i have to change to something else.
  7. nice case great air flow and nice board..i used one for a year before i bought my abit
  8. i found a server that has MANDRAKE 8..2 MANDRAKE 8.2
  9. cool guide bass..i might go get one now to try it out
  10. #### i bought mine at radio . and they worked fine....after i drilled a bit
  11. man that scared the . out of me too
  13. Now that i see how it is supposed to be used it is kinda funny carring a monitor hung on your belly but i guess it would work since that is normally where you carry a montor at anyway.
  14. i agree with the dr. AMD always comes out with something that is better than intel almost everytime. So i am waiting for there new chips to come out to be able to compete with intel.
  15. i know how do do it with computers on windows but have really never sat down with novell. ill ask and see if i can find out dow for you from one of my freinds that uses novell.
  16. that sounds like a nice idea but won't you get a large electric bill in the winter...lol
  17. I HATE INTEL, the amd chip was better
  18. i thought that the 1700+ was a 1.44 ghz processor and also on most mobo there is a jumper that can change it from the normal athlons to the xp athlons
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