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  1. Just order it and go through the process, it will tells you whether it will tax u b4 u finalize the transaction.
  2. Ok components wise, take all that is unessential out or rather unplugged them and start putting them in one by one. Just vid card and 1 memory stick and see what happen, try putting that memory stick in different slot if it doesn't boot up to see if that could also be the culprit.
  3. DBZ


    900 BUX ON A CARD, holy mother schitz nitz. I don't know whether to congratulate him on having money to spend on that or pity him.
  4. Just out of curiosity does your motherboard have 2 plugs for the PS? There is the usual big plug and the small square one, cause what you are describing sound just like the small one isn
  5. Can't compare XT to GT, that is like comparing Ultra to Pro
  6. I know this brand wasn't mentioned, but what about Gainward? Their 6800gt Golden Sample is pretty good, their HS is made out of copper with 2 fans blowing on the card itself. The good thing bout that is that you don't have to change the stock heatsink which will void the warranty and u can oc it to 400/1200 no problem. Don't see why you would need much more power than the stock setting but hey to each their own.
  7. I bet peoples who complaint bout picture qualities of NVIDIA card have a lot of time on their hand. 90% of the time when they posted an image from ATI vs. NVIDIA I can
  8. All price are from newegg, all specs look the same on these cards...but the price seems to have a huge range between them. Elsa 390.00 XFX 399.00 PNY 405.00 EVGA 405.00 Chaintech 425.00 BFG 469.00 - their core is 370.00 but I think they just o/c it. All other have a 350 core. Pls advise on what to get. Don't plan on ocing or anything.....yet
  9. Sapphire 9800pro generally come with an r360 core which u can flashed it to XT speed...which is just like a 9800xt. Only thing is that invest in a vga silencer rev 3 and some as5 then u be golden cause those 9800pro card whether ati or sapphire or whatever generate a lot of heat.
  10. Asus K8n Deluxe + a64 754 3k = $232 Sapphire 9800 pro = 200 1gig of 3200 = 140 100gig WD or similar brand SATA = 60 or 70 Pioneer ao8 = 70 Artic Cooling Rev 3 = 20 TR XP 90 or 120 = 40 30 bux for a case. Fans and accessories like rounded cables is extra....I know that goes over your 800 limit, so drop the pioneer dvd writer cause u don't really need it.
  11. did u d/l the drivers from ati.com? if not then do it there, if thats the driver that is giving u problem then u might want to look into going omega driver. I think u can find their drivers at omegacorner.com
  12. Dude what is the ambient temp of the comp and your room? 10c?
  13. First off you should be getting better result from sp-94 and a tornado on it at full speed did you use some AS5? As you can see from my sig that is what my temp was at, and the ambient temp rise as much as 40c in my case but my load temp never goes beyond 55c. I recently replaced the TT HS with an xp-90 and Panaflow 50cfm 92mm fan and I got the same temp. Sound like you need major cable management, update bios and use some AS5. There is absolutely no need to run all those tornado at full speed unless you are living in the desert, in which case even at full speed it wont help you cause its just blowing hot air in anyhow. What I suggest is get an xp-90 for your Prescott, add a 92mm tornado which push 117cfm at 56db, but if you get some typed of fan controller u can set it at low setting and u wouldn
  14. flashing to xt just unlock some of the feature of the card, otherwise u can just leave it at pro and oc it til your heart content. There is a 256mb ati card 256bit now for only 230 or os, course ucan flash that to xt too.
  15. What? You having a cpu as coaster for your beer? Dude u have way too much money on your hand haha.
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