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  1. I recently moved into a new place, and now my PC monitor flickers. The icons seem to move just ever so slightly left and right. This use to happen at my old Apt , but only when someone turned on the TV directly connected to the same outlet . Now it flickers constantly, again just ever so slightly. I just upgrade from a rady9000 to a Rady X800 Xt, and the flicker is really . me off. Monitor is a 19" Samsung flat screen CRT.
  2. Well after several failed Gromac cores(78), [email protected] switched back to 65 and it worked like a charm, folded for couple of hours, no instabilities. I didn't lower my OC either. So you guys think i should the OC for the 78's? How do i make it just fold on 65 cores?
  3. Yeah i'm still gettting them. Don't know what is up. My system is rock solid, never crashes. I've played hours of online games and nothing , no gliches. It's a service, i launch it from a shortcut on my desktop. I uninstalled and reinstalled and i'm still getting this...??? [05:27:05] Writing local files [05:27:05] Extra SSE boost OK. [05:27:05] Writing local files [05:27:05] Completed 0 out of 2500000 steps (0) [05:29:26] Quit 101 - Fatal error: [05:29:26] Step 3278, time 6.556 (ps) LINCS WARNING [05:29:26] relative constraint deviation after LINCS: [05:29:26] max 0.000000 (between atoms 1 and 2) rms 1.#QNAN0
  4. How do i add or remove those features your talking about... -forceasm and whatnot?
  5. I don't know what is up i was doing fine 65, then it switched over to core 78, took about a 12 hours to complete it. Then it switched back to 65 and i'm getting unstable cores!!! Why? I didn't change a thing! My specs are in my Sig. Temps get around mid 50's during load. I've played UT2k4 for a couple of hours with no instabilities. [22:36:45] Completed 0 out of 500000 steps (0) [22:52:42] Writing local files [22:52:42] Completed 5000 out of 500000 steps (1) [23:07:21] Quit 101 - Fatal error: [23:07:21] Step 9583, time 19.166 (ps) LINCS WARNING [23:07:21] relative constraint deviation after LINCS: [23:07:21] max 0.000000 (between atoms 1 and 2) rms 1.#QNAN0 [23:07:21] [23:07:21] Simulation instability has been encountered. The run has entered a [23:07:21] state from which no further progress can be made. [23:07:21] If you often see other project units terminating early like this [23:07:21] too, you may wish to check the stability of your computer (issues [23:07:21] such as high temperature, overclocking, etc.). [23:07:21] Going to send back what have done. [23:07:21] logfile size: 14597 [23:07:21] - Writing 15272 bytes of core data to disk... [23:07:21] ... Done. [23:07:21] [23:07:21] [email protected] Core Shutdown: EARLY_UNIT_END [23:07:24] CoreStatus = 72 (114) [23:07:24] Sending work to server Any help? i don't wanna continue sending unfinished WU's
  6. THNX i got it working...just waiting for my DNA to show up.
  7. How do i know this [email protected] is working? Does it automatically startup? I don't see a shortcut to start the program on my desktop. I also chose to show in taskbar, i don't see it there.
  8. BIOS settings? like what? My multiplier is at 11 and FSB at 217 for 2.385Ghz. My bios is v1.2. My vcore if i'm reading correctly is at 1.36-1.4 i got it set to default at startup. Should i do it manuly? to what voltage? i got my RAM at 1.8V...i'm using MBM5 and i get 39idle around 50 load
  9. I got my 3500+ skct 939 up to 2.39 stable, but as soon as i up my FSB to reach 2.4 i get brought down to stock speeds. My timings are listed in my sig. Any thoughts? I'm upgrading my PSU to an Ultra X-connect with 33amp 12v rails...my current PSU only has 18amp rails.
  10. Here is one thread on the MSI forum about Neo Platinum boards. MSI forum I've seen quite a few posts there about high temps. there is no proposed release date for the update, atleast that i could tell.
  11. From what i read in the MSI forums they are working on a Bios update. It's still a fairly new board...hopefully it will come out soon. I have an XP-120 on my board, and it's not even warm to the touch so i know those temps are wrong. Even the BIOS temps read inaccurately. Something about the temperature pin being moved when switching from 940 to 939...
  12. Don't know what make your board is but mine is the Neo2 3500+(s939 though), and my temps are way higher low 50's idle low 60s load. I checked the MSI forums and apparently there is an issue with the temperature sensors, a lot posts about high temps. Seems to be a common issue, atleast for some Mboards.
  13. Well it didn't shut down during load...was in high 60s'...i was playing UT2K4 for a good hour. I am going to try all your suggestions, reaply thermal compound and heatsink, checking room temps and bios. I'm still getting high temperetures i reseated the CPU with the proper amount of thermalpaste, a very thin layer. Temps went down by about 2-3 degrees but still too high. around 53c idle 63c load. Way too high, but i touch the heatsink and nothing...it's hardly even warm. So what gives?
  14. Have any of you guys had any trouble with the temperature monitoring software included with the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum? I have the Xp-120 on my system with a fan that is pushing around 80cfm 2100rpm. The monitor reads around 50-56c idle and loads are in low/mid 60c's. I touched the heatsink and it is barely even warm, not even hot. Case temps are 30c, constant.
  15. What 120mm fan would you recommned? I heard Panaflo were good...
  16. found out the problem... After checking all the connections, i found the power button "in" the freaking case was off. That is why the button "outside" the case would not work. Guess i should have just taken it slower...thnx guys no probs so far, temps a little high. may have to reverse the 120mm fan or get a better one. This one seems to top out at aroudn 1300-1400rpm..
  17. not even booting...nothing..i can hear the CPU power down when i dissconnect the power cord, so it gots juice. I did bend a capacitor when installing the heat sink...the XP-120 is a monster. But i didn't break the capacitor...so that shouldn't be the problem...i hope... heres something weird. I cleared the CMOS, switched the PSU to "ON" not the power button on the case, but the PSU "On" switch and it comes on...but it will not power down if i hold down the case power button, only if i manually click the PSU to off...and i can only get it on again by clearing the CMOS agai...
  18. Okay I deperately need some help. I just put together a new system. MSI Neo2 Platinum Athlon 64 3500+ Raddy 9000 1 GB 3200Corsair XL(non pro series) xp-120 heat sink 120 GB HDD XaserV tower 420PSU After installing cpu and heatsink i go to boot and nothing!!! I had this problem b4 with my current system, found out it was the outlet...or wiring, anyways after switching outlets it worked, but this new AMD 64 system will not boot. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
  19. I use winamps' interface for radio stations. I think they rock
  20. I'm upgrading to an Athlon64 3500+ and was wondering what OS you guys mostly use on it? I was just going to install XP Pro on it. Do you find the Windows64(V1218 or whatever is out now) better suited for the Athlon64's? Does XP Pro still function well? opinions?
  21. Any of you guys know if the XP-120 fits on a MSI K8N NEO 2 PLATINUM?
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