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  1. You;ll be fine, i have the XP-120 on mine. Had to bend cap, but board is fine.
  2. You can flash it back. It didn't work with ATIFLASH. But FLASHROM worked.
  3. I'm trying to flash my video card back to it's original bios and it won't work. I was getting the file open error before. So i created a new MSDOS startup disc. No i'm getting Adaptor 0 not found. The card temps never went over 70 on load, and i'm using it now. i'm using the command line: atiflash -p 0 X800XT.bin i renamed the bios file name. I created a boot disc in windows, loaded the atiflash files and the X800XT BIOS am i missing something?
  4. i got the visiontek X800 XT, flashed to PE(526/573)right now. Running stable, of course i have an ATI Silencer 4 on it too.
  5. I just flashed my X800XT to a PE using Nuc's instructions also. My core & Memory is now stock 526/570. is that right? Shouldn't it have flahsed to 520/560? Well idle temps on card are low 30's load is mid 60's. i have an Arctic Silencer on my card. Experienced no problems so far.
  6. got a linky? Or PM([email protected]) whatever is cool
  7. Any recommendation on sites where i can get a good walkthrough on how to flash my XT to XT PE?
  8. I have an XT OC'ed to 530/570, running stable. Would it even be beneficial to flash it to a Platinum edition? I get over 6k in 3dMark2k5
  9. Should i be hearing sound from all my speakers when using Quintessential? I mean just when listening to music and all. I only hear sound from the two front, no center, or rear. I can hear 5.1 in all my other audio apps....well except for HL2. but that's another story.
  10. Hit cancel when it tells you to enter the CD-key. If you try to input it , it will say it's already registered.
  11. I reinstalled it twice already. With problem. When it asked for the CD key, i re-entered the one i had. It gave me a message that it was already registered, and i should not register it again. So i didn't input it again. All that had to be done again was the decryption crap. Make sure your using the same user name and password you set up, when you created your steam account.
  12. Well that did it. I forgot to install those blasted chipset drivers. i'm back up to my normal scores. Thnx A-Man
  13. I just did a reformat and clean install of all my drivers. I ran 3dMark2k5 and got a horribly low score. When looking at the difference in the logs( i saved my best score) I see that TOTAL AGP MEMORY is listed at '0' and i have no idea why. This is a read out from the excel spreadsheet of my results. DirectX Info Version 9.0c Long Version DirectDraw Info Version 5.03.2600.2180 Primary Device RADEON X800 Display Devices Display Device Description RADEON X800 Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc. Total Local Video Memory 256 MB Total Local Texture Memory 256 MB Total AGP Memory 0 MB Driver File ati2dvag.dll Driver Version Driver Details 8.071-041026a-018719C-ATI Driver Date 10/26/2004 Driver WHQL Certified TRUE Max Texture Width 2048 px Max Texture Height 2048 px Max User Clipping Planes 6 Max Active Hardware Lights 8 Max Texture Blending Stages 8 Fixed Function Textures In Single Pass 8 Vertex Shader Version 2 Pixel Shader Version 2 Max Vertex Blend Matrices 37 Max Texture Coordinates 8 PCI Name RADEON X800 Vendor ID 0x1002 Device ID 0x4a4b SubSystem ID 0x00021002 Revision ID 0x00 Total AGP Memory 0 MB
  14. I was looking for memory for my old Compaq Presarios 5000(5BW130) and see that there is high and low density differences? The high density is a lot cheaper. The low is highly priced...will it not work in this system? example
  15. I wanted to know if Motherboard monitor 5 is compatible with the MSI K8N Neo2. I only see K8N Neo as an option not the Neo2
  16. What are you supposed to select as the Motherboard type in MBM5 for the K8N Neo2? Is it compatible? I see K8N NEO...
  17. Does anyone know where to find drivers for a dated Compaq Presario 5000? I googled it with little success.
  18. I already have both the XP-120 and Neo2. It does fit, VERY VERY tight, and you have to bend a cap. But all is well. I just ordered the ATI Silencer 4.
  19. What kind of HSF are you using? I'm conisdering getting this VGA cooler too, but i have the XP-120 on my board. I'm worried the RAM cooler is going to be hitting my heat pipes from the HSF.
  20. legend_jo

    Hl2 Issue

    I get the same thing and I have an X800-XT...still looking for a fix
  21. I know this is going to sound stupid, but does the Sprint/Walk button make a difference in movement speed? I've pressed both and nothing happens, my speed remains the same. Just started playing an hour ago. Love it so far
  22. Anyone know where best prices are for this cooler?
  23. Well the heading says it all. Will the Arctic Cooling ATI Silencer 4 fit the X800-Xt(non-PE)? I know it fits the X800-PRO. I've seen past silencers that were not compatible with XT models.
  24. Already installed the software, and configured some of the buttons. I left the forward/back buttons as they were. but still no "clicky" in Firefox or IE. Only in windows navigation, like when navigation folders and files <_<
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