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  1. Thanks a lot for your answers,Now my last question Do you think that the NH-D14 will fit in this "NZXT Tempest 410 Elite Black 120mmX5" ?
  2. Okay so this is gonna be my new computer and Im willing to do OC to my processor and maybe my graphic card: Intel Quad Core i5 4670K 3.4Ghz LGA1150 Gigabyte GA-Z87MX-D3H 8GB (2x4GB) Crucial DDR3 1600Mhz Gigabyte GTX770 2GB WINDFORCE X3 Seagate 1T 3.5' Sata3 Barracuda NZXT Tempest 410 Elite Black 120mmX5 + USB3 FSP Raider 650W 80+ Silver 5 Years Warranty Noctua NH-U9B SE2 DELL 23' U2312HM ULTRA Sharp IPS , PIVOT My questions are those: 1.Does it will be good to replace my cooler to this model: : Noctua NH-D14 ? 2.To how much Ghz I can get my processor to with OC and this cooler ? 3. Does it will be helpfull to OC to my Graphic card ? If Yes this cooler will be enough ? 4.There is any guide how to do OC,Its easy ?
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