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  1. LOL yeah, this forum has quite alot of Tt bashing but anyway moving on ... technically the schooner would be the most silent cos its passive.. but i dont know how whether you can consider the vf700 loud cos some people ah, the ears like bats!! dang sensitive but my unbiased opinion, both coolers should suffice and its only a matter of availability and price
  2. hmm if you dont plan to OC, then the stock cooler would be just fine
  3. machine coolant could be some form of lubricating oil so if its oil, lol dont even think about using it hahaha!
  4. LOL.. i think a independent watercooling loop for the card is good enough to hit high clocks assuming the card itself came from a good batch that allow you to hit high clocks just a mcw50/maze4/nv68 and get a nice pump and a 120mm rad with a kick butt fan .. ok so you got money to spend get a triple 120mm rad haha
  5. lol vapour phase cooling for a 3d card!!! OVERKILL!!!
  6. lol are your rams bare or it has mini seperate heatsinks? or was it connected to the GPU heatsink or something? cos it could be the hot GPU core heating up the heatsink high enough, the heat travel to the cooler rams and just heat it up
  7. lol go get a cheap coolermaster heatsink and make it into like this and just stick a 60mm fan on it
  8. lol really! though i never own any cards with ddr3 ram modules, all of my friends who has them seem to say so too but there were exceptions, ^_^ but honestly GDDR3 ram modules were design so it work with lower voltages, meaning reducing heat formation
  9. LOL i think your pelt is undersized 140W on something that has a thermal design of 86W but good thing is, no need to worry about condensation!!!
  10. im not so sure how hot your NB for your mobo can get but my rule of thumb is, if its cool to the touch, or the FSB or for your case, HTT doesnt exceed like 240Mhz the stock cooling should do it.. but i do heard from peeps that the Nvidia 4 chipset can get pretty hot either way the NB-1 is one of the best or swiftech or microcool ones rocks too! and the xp-120 should fit your board no problem
  11. agreed.. you saved like up to 20 bucks if you buy the sli ready made ones
  12. GDDR3 ram modules arent that hot as compared to the normal DDR ram modules of older 3d cards.. i say up to you though it be nice to have some form of minor airflow along the card
  13. hahaha its more fun to overengineer it than purchasing it
  14. and remember to backflush instead of making it flow from inlet to outlet, make it go from outlet to inlet..
  15. lol its been a while since i kept myself up to date with that.. i think its 3300+ though cos sempron got the 64 bit now and stuff..
  16. lol you can get a nice 1U server copper heatsink and just use nylon zip ties to attached it to the core.. then attached a nice small fan on it.
  17. cos tbe 3200+ is the highest S754 stock clock speed you can get.. so you can use it on the 3000+ as it can handle the heat from something much high end. so for example if they say, the heatsink is rated for the 3000+, you cant use it for the 3200+ cos the heatsink may not be able to handle the heat
  18. thermaltake is slightly overpriced man.. that is the problem at my place, if in stock the price of the xp-90 is about the same as the thermaltake pipe101 and we al know which one pwn which
  19. lol there is this guy.. fixed 5 226W pelt to a thick copper cold plate and then to his cpu.. hit -67C
  20. the zalam cnps7000 LED!! like gas burner! or the xp-90 or xp-120 or mcx-6400 with a LED fan! its a sin if you have a window but your fans arent LED or UV reactive
  21. 140W for his cpu.. its abit under-rated but should do it as long his cpu rates under 70W. lol after a mth, please tell us your electric bill risen by how much
  22. i thought the block dont change? its all the same for all socket and its just the retention top plate that differs for different socket? should be man..
  23. lol he wants cheap and good last time i check xp-90C isnt cheap is he gonna OC that fx-55?? if he isnt, just stock cooler with decent airflow and circulation should do it.. i say the normal xp-90 should suffice im using frozencpu as a base for price list though
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