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  1. from what i can gather, cpu burn in wont change your OCing capabilities..but if its rams, then there is a higher chances of being able to push your rams further :)


    so even if you burn in your cpu for 1 year, dont think it will do anything.. but this is what others who has OCed for years said..but i think its kinda true..

  2. yup the order doesnt matter much unless you somehow place the reservoir at the wrong place.. the reservoir can heat up the water instead of cooling it down. like if its those res you slot above your ROM, it can really get hot above the ROM if you like playing some CDs and stuff :D so i think its always better to have the rad before the waterblock and after the pump.

  3. well i think there are some shops that do custom rad meaning, you specify to them what kind of rad you want and they can do it for you..just need to ask around :P cos i know at my place,there are a few shops that do just that :)


    but honestly i prefer a rad or heatercore from a car then to a those BIX or what cos cost has always been an issue. and really performance wise aint much of a different :P

  4. true but i think if you get 6800 Ultra and GT, it should be GDDR3 ram modules :) besides if you get the leadtek 6800 LE version, which i think the price should be about the same as any 6600GT you should be able to unlock to 16 pipelines and 6 vertex units.. well this is what another guy managed to do :D lucky him

  5. First off welcome to OCC 


    About the ATI Silencer 5 rev. 2, here is some info from Arctic Cooling:

    "We use ATIs respectively NVIDIAs standard power plugs. Asus is unfortunately not following ATIs/NVIDIAs solutions and therefore our plug doesn't fit. You can either cut both plugs and connect the wires correspondingly or you can also get 12 Volt power directly from the PSU. There you have to connect the wires as follows: black with black and red (VGA) with yellow (PSU). The yellow cable from the VGA is an RPM signal, that is not needed."





  6. the one that kills you isnt the voltages, its the current :P so even if its 100,000,000V but its like 0.0000000000000000001A :P you just get a slight tiny shock like electrostatic charge you get when you touch a metal knob!! *hated that by the way!!*


    but just to let you know, once you open up the psu and change the fan and stuff, you practically void whatever warranty you have :)

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