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  1. hey i know im posting a out of the topic thing but it also has something to do with my Barton , 2500... lol i just think there isnt a need to start a new thread..anyways what is the stock Vcore for a AMD 2500 Barton with an Abit NF7?? my current Vcore now after i OCed abit is 1.616 ..and my friend said its high..hahaha but its normal for AMD right?
  2. hahaha so you still serious about a 120mm fan, well just make sure you have room for it man, no point wanting to use it but cant use it
  3. hmmmm i have not heard of anyone who manage to attach a shroud to a thermalright heatsinks before...as we all know they uses those wire thingy and not screws...so that might be a bit tricky well any fans let it be 80mm or 120mm, try look for something that pushes at least 40 cfm of air but at the lowest amount of noise.. if you manage to get do get anything like that, you cant go wrong with your SP-97..trust me i have seen it perform with fans that pushes barely 30cfm worth of air and it works great actually
  4. what 92mm fan you looking for? loud? quiet? lol dont think you need a tornado for a SP-97, the temperature drop is almost negligible i feel
  5. well if im not mistaken, the Tt pipe101 is quite good as well..only problem is the fins that are too dense and thus you need a good fan to couple with it really up to you turkish
  6. that would also be a product by Thermalright, the SP-97 hahaha basically you cant go wrong with Thermalright stuff man
  7. from what i know, the Volcano 12 isnt that great at low speed hahaha ... but its sufficient
  8. hmm, xp-120 will cool better and at lower noise...it has more heat pipes and you can fit a quiet 120mm fan on it.. and ya you cant use a SP-94 not even a SP-97 sorry man, not compatible...but lucky you, got new XP-90 hehehe http://www.thermalright.com/ you can check it out... its like an XP-120 but instead it uses a 92mm fans..
  9. http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/cl-p001...9fanless103.htm i guess this is the only product that i know of but doubt you can fit it onto a socket A and you cant fit a 120mm fan to it ..you need to mod it to do so.., sorry mate
  10. the XP-120 can fit into an athlon 64 mobo? hahaha i would say, go for Swiftech MCX-6400-V.. as quote and unquote from my friend, " it has the word pimpage written all over it "
  11. i used to have the same problem with my aquarium pump...keeps making this rattling noise... the cause of this is that your impeller isnt seated properly...thus when it rotates, it hits the housing yeah gluing that part back should fixed the problem.. though for me, my impeller got cracks and i had to get a new pump <_<
  12. WOW! i heard ppl of doing that before but not really seen it...hahahaha..thanks for the pic man.. but i heard that for this heat sink...it not good with small cfm fans as the back pressure from all those 67 fins are alot...wonder whether if that is true though..
  13. that is nice..im planning to get that Tt pipe101 too!! but i cant decide on what fan to go along with it..Jone, what fan are you using?
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