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  1. I have just bought a Athlon64 3000+ (Socket 939) and an MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum.


    What is the best air based cooling for my CPU? I am an overclock fan.


    XP-120 + Vantec Thermoflow 120mm fan

    Zalman CNPS-9500







    dont use a fan with thermal sensor like the vantec thermoflow as a fan on your heatsink. your fan will have a hard time regulating the rpm with respect to the temperature it measures :)


    and all i got to say is, whatever heatsink the d00d recommended, i wont say there is "the best" heatsink cos each of them will differ by 1-2C in terms of performance.. that is negligible to me ah. just use your budget, mobo compatibility and case spacing as a guide and you be fine ;)

  2. lol, you cant really compare air and water cooling together, but from some of the reviews i seen, the R80 isnt that bad for something that cheap :P and honestly im considering it as a first step for me to venture into watercooling :D

  3. lol i think he is refering to the HRSI tiles characteristic of being able to dissipate heat rapidly.. an HRSI tile taken from a 2,300 F oven can be immersed in cold water without damage.. surface heat dissipates so quickly that an uncoated tile can be held by its edges with an ungloved hand seconds after removal from the oven while its interior still glows red.. saw that on tv once ;) so i guess to an extend, he do have a point.

  4. lol i just realized, the procooling link i gave is for TDX! hahahaha sorry man, gave you wrong info, i was dang sleepy ah.


    you should go to dangerden webby and on the DD5 page, click on view pics to view the flowrate chart. from the looks of it, the DD5 pump should do it if you used nozzle 1 but still as i said earlier, you can try and experiment with the other nozzles and see :P the main problem with the RBX is trying to achieve even mounting pressure on the block.

  5. lol, 1 word, experiment ;) but yeah technically, 5 should give the best results cos it can be said it uses some sort of jet impingement cooling method but pressure drop gonna be a lot. i guess its a matter of what pump you using and finding the most efficient nozzles for your system :D


    ok found some stuff on procooling. nozzle 4 seems to be the best ;)



  6. lol. i think for socket A users like you and me :) i dont think we can use the gigabyte galaxy watercooling kit :( sad man! i guess you can use the Bigwater. that's the only choice you have left, unless you wanna modify the galaxy kit to fit it into your socket A. lol

  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835128011


    lol a tat above your budget :P my friend managed to get a Pentium D at 3.9Ghz to about 65C on full load.. lol not bad for a first timer company in watercooling.. but if you want even cheaper, rather go for coolermaster aquagate mini.




    better this than the Tt bigwater i always say :) not Tt bashing, just its not worth the money.

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