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  1. what's wrong with a res?? T lines are ok but i dont know, i just see them as troublesome to have.. just use your mum's tupperware with her permission of course :P and transform it into a res! and dont bother with the silver TDX.. waste of your money man..

  2. Here at OCC we try to refer as many TT buyers as possible to other solutions. Simply because is well known that TT make cheapo parts and sell em for an expensive price.


    I would recommend buying a theralright SI/ XP-120 with a Delta 220CFM fan (like me :P) instead of buying that large waste of money. Cools slightly (ever so sligjhtly) worse and costs a fraction of the price.



    irony of that statement is the fact that he uses a Thermaltake V1000a and a Thermaltake 400W PSU :huh:

  3. lol poor foamy.. i just had a quite browse through the whole 4 pages of the thread and everybody started to digress away from what that poor chap should use on his fx-55 to which cpu is better. hahahaha :lol:

  4. try reseating your waterblock :) i doubt its the "hot air" from the case... and yeah try to use a shroud or what on your rad cos i think the distance between the pair of 120mm fans blowing on the rad is too short.. better still get the fans to be outside and have it pull air through the rad.

  5. lol.. his cpu doesnt need that high end of a cooler man.. its going to be overkill! he can use the money for something else. i say go for anything that is cheaper! and the xp-120 and xp-90c is definetely not it! maybe just the xp-90 will do.. or the venus 12 is also good enough.

  6. That isn't really what I meant, I saw more just didn't want to type it all. Like the other person stated, it comes with 6 fans for the radiator, the pump is just wow because you can just control everything.


    Would the Swiftech get lowers temps then the WaterChill one? Because the software would really just be worth it.....



    Yeah the swiftech would get lower temp cos the whole cooling loop is used for just the cpu and nothing else.. another thing is well, we all know that the swiftech STORM block will kick alot of other waterblock's arse anytime B:)


    maybe you can get the things seperately? like STORM block to go with the asetek pump.. the rad and fans, just get something that you prefer.. you dont need to get a complete kit

  7. the asetek kit is more expensive because it has 3 blocks for vga, cpu and your mobo chipset... the apex kit has only 1 block... and well the asetek antartica cpu waterblock is quite a good block actually :) and we all know how much 1 block can cost up to sometimes :P


    and next up is that, asetek kit has 4 fans and not 2 as compared to the apex kit..


    lastly is the pump for asetek kit.. coolest pump you can ever get cos of the software based stuff included for the pump.. one of a kind ah.


    lol its really up to you which kit to get and where your budget lies and what kind of cooling you wish to undertake ^_^

  8. As far as I know of Thermalright is starting to phase-out the SI-97 in favor of replacing it with the SI-97A. Why only be limited to socket A when the SI-97A can be used on socket A and socket 754/939/940?



    also can, but the A version is more expensive, well at my place anyway, its like way more expensive! dont know why though. aerocool do makes some niffy tower heatsink like the high tower.. just check out aerocool webby for some of their heatsinks. oh yeah, swiftech mcx-462V heatsink roxx0r too! 1/2" thick copper base is really good at eliminating the so called heat spikes or whatever the ppl calls it caused by the cpu that can lead to system instability. :P

  9. lol 22 hours is good enough for normal day to day usage :P just back down by 1 Mhz and you should be ok :D


    but on the side note, do you think there is a better test to use when it comes to OC stability? i mean 24 hours of prime 95 is kinda troublesome at times. imagine, you prime95 it and while sleeping it failed and you only realized it failed when you woke up from your sleep and the crappy thing is, the test was halted 7 hours ago. LOL

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