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  1. I am one of the lucky people that got a rock solid X-Connect. Still, I plan on throughly cleaning it out and doing the fan mod when I can get ahold of a soldering iron; they won't let me come in early and do it at work off the clock. Even still, I hope that it can handle it.


    I will be asking for lots of advice in the thread I create when the cooler arrives. I have never overclocked a CPU with an unlocked mulit, and I want to see the benefit it can do for me.


    oh the benefit of an ulocked multiplier is "boundless" hahaha well i guess the first benefit you definitely see is the wonders of not having the HTT as your limit in how far you can OC.

  2. i would shy away from this as these cheap little kits, you can beat the performance for less with air cooling, if you are going to use liquid cooling do it right and DONT cheap out.


    actually, the aquagate perform quite well as compared to extreme air cooling.. im not sure about how much it cost over there. but with a price tag slightly more than some of the heatsinks available, a plug and play design, no leak test, no topping up of coolant, hasssle free water cooling, its kinda spiffy. and its also the cheapest watercooling kit available :)

  3. ibanez are rather tasty, but, the prices are reflective of the quality ;)


    hahaha! yeah guess so.. cant really splurge on it man.. i still got other stuff i wanna get my hands on.. a bike+license, notebook, digicam and all of these while having a good cash flow in.

  4. sorry for the late reply:) was in camp the whole week.. *currently serving the country as part of my liability* hmmm fender.. haha i think fenders in my country is slightly on the high price but nvm will go and check.. as for yamaha, i have a friend who is a stauch anti-yamaha-bass lady. rofl, she said, its good ah but there isnt any "oomph" in the sound. but thanks for all the suggestions.. will go and check it out man!

  5. ok i bet to you there are plenty of bass guitarist out there in OCC :D let it be beginners, amateurs, pros and all. ..i been a bass player by leisure but i dont have a bass guitar.. i use my acoustic to play bass pieces from time to time and felt like now is time to get me an electric bass guitar.


    any of you guys got any recommendation of any brands? models? tips? like whether i should get a decent one first or should i get a good one to start with? honestly i have no ideaa where to start.. trying to keep my budget under 200 USD but then again, the bass guitar pricing in my country may differ as compared in the US.

  6. Looks pretty nice...I was thinking that you could mount the rad on top of the case somehow but keep the fans inside (basically just put the case between the fans and rad...it looked like that would give you clearance) I like what you did with it though! I think that making your own case would have been the best alternative though :D Plus you've got all the resources you could ask for right here :P


    yeah that would be good too.. place the rad outside the case and using the fan, you adding distance between the case and the rad.. though if you want your fan configuration to be a push through sort, you need to add in like some spacer ah.

  7. aluminium corrodes but the oxide layer is a protective film that protects it, so you're safe.. copper doesnt corrode that easily too but it get tarnished and that's about it. and what kind of antifreeze compound did your friend use? i dont exactly recall any antifreeze stuff that crystaliized on being heated.. shouldnt be like that.


    anyway let the vinegar sit in the system for some time and then flush it out thoroughly :) should do the trick.

  8. So how about Prime 95 and two Instances of SETI running?

    Would that do it for ya? :P


    << And Im not a folding Member Im a SETI Member, and 3rd Place on the recent Average Credit list. :O


    i dont know bout that.. i think if you use SETI or [email protected] to test the stability of your platform, then you maybe contributing to computing errors on your part.. like what if your platform isnt stable and you stress it out with all that folding.. bound to give out some error right?

  9. you know, i have a group of people who said, if you're the sort who just use your platform for games, just do a loop on 3dmark or something that is heavy on the gaming side.. cos there are times, ppl's pc are rock stable on prime but whenever they game, it crashes.. not sure about the guys here and wheter you would use your opty for that ah, but just wanna digress abit here lah :D

  10. amount of heat being release into the loop from your inline pump is basically negligible man.. really, water have a really high heat capacity.. i wont worry much about any of that heat release into loop and making your cooling capability lower stuff :D

  11. I have had a chance to work with this, and I was surprised, it tied my XP120 with a panaflo L1A and even under some circumstances it beat it.


    (tested with AS5 and stock paste)


    Blue orb II is definitely better than xp90 (c )

    Just one note, 17 db my butt its more like 30'ish.


    oh one more thing, if anything Zalman copied Tt on this one ;)



    :withstupid: just cos its Tt dont mean its no good :)

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