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  1. Hello, . I bought the recommended adapter from above and it arrived today. I installed the new adapter and it is still giving me the same error. If anyone has anymore suggestions please let me know. I have a blank brand new monitor that I can't use. Thanks, Inf_Dev
  2. Hello, Thanks for your quick response. I will go to the BestBuy to see if I can find one so I don't have to wait on FedEx yet again. Thanks, Inf_Dev
  3. Hello OverClockersClub, I am having a problem running triple monitors on Windows 7. When I choose "Extend this display" and click save it gives me the error "Unable To Save Display Settings". At first I was using a passive DVI to HDMI converter, after reading I found that it won't work because there is not enough power for the conversion process. So I bought a Mini-Display port to HDMI cable. This is what each monitor is running (In cable terms) Dell ST2240L (1920x1080) = DVi - DVi Dell S2240L (1920x1080) = Mini Display - HDMI Dell S2240L (1920x1080) - HDMI - HDMI My GPU is a XFX Radeon 6870. Here is the back of the GPU. http://i.imgur.com/bZGMuLX.jpg Thanks, Inf_Dev
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