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    Evga 680i A1 Mobo
    Conroe C2D E6600 ( OC'd to 3.6ghz)
    PC P&C 750w
    Evga 8800gt 512mb
    OCZ plat rev2 ddr2 800
    Raptor 76gb
    Samsung 500gb
    Antec P182
  1. Made a memtest boot disc and tried that out looks like one of my sticks was having some errors. I guess the WD Blue could handle the bad ram better when I switch the bad stick out it installed smooth and is running nice.....and speedy Thanks for the help yall.
  2. Does this still apply to fresh installs of windows? If its set to AHCI or IDE it blue screens at the same part. This is where I am at in the process Set CD to boot - Boot CD - Install Fresh - Custom - Create Partition and Format - Next button unpacks windows I believe - Then restarts - Goes to windows logo where its loading - BSOD So I never get to the part where I select user names passwords homegoups and all that jazz it always BSOD's before that be it in IDE or AHCI mode.
  3. Alright I got a 64gb Crucial M4 for my HTPC the other day. I installed it last night and went to install windows and formatted it and selected it for the install windows unpacked everything and then restarts it makes it to the Windows balls all flying together and then BSODs. It goes so fast I cant even see what the BSOD says before it restarts and does the same thing over again. If I hit safe mode it makes it a bit past that and then says cant install windows in safe mode restart and then goes back to BSOD loop. I had a WD blue in it before and it was working fine only thing I changed was moving to the SSD. I did go into the BIOS and change one setting I think it was called Sata type and it was set to IDE I changed it to the one that said SATA->AHCI. This particular computer is a bit older then my main rig and its a AMD so I am not as familiar with the settings in the mobo but I think that is what I was suppose to do. Any Suggestions?
  4. Bleh cant decide what to do lol I should cancel one of them because its so much money but i do want them all badly. Do SSD's work that much better for gaming? I didnt think they were needed as much for games....
  5. Hey I just got the Intel 320 160gb + bf3 AND the Corsair Force GT 120gb off of newegg for the big BF deal. Prices are pretty similar. I know the Force GT is the sata3 powerhouse one. Anyone have experience with them how reliable and everything? I want to get a good one I dont think I need more then 120gb but I know the Intels are solid. Performance wise just using it as a system drive will I notice much of a difference? How will these two play together if I decide to keep both of them? Should I use one over the other for a system drive vs gaming drive? Will mixing Sandforce chips and the Intel chips going to give me troubles? First SSD's so im excited and worried all at the same time
  6. Is the 120gb agility 3 not a good deal at $120? Bleh I think ill just wait til the Crucial M4 or the Samsung 830 has a sale on it.
  7. Alright I am looking to nab myself a SSD during these deal days I think 120gb would be just fine. I was thinking a Corsair but is there any other ones worth looking at that yall have seen? I did notice the OCZ Agility 3 on sale for 120 after rebate which seems to be a good price. Any opinions on brands or anything? Anyone seen any deals?
  8. Ya I might have to try the ASUS one. For some reason Afterburner will not startup with windows so I have open it everytime. I have gone into settings and clicked start with windows and minimize at start up but it doesn't show up in the tray at all. I changed my settings in the bios a bit and went for 4.6 and am sitting stable after 2 hours max temp was 71. I wish there was a post that showed all the best settings for the ASRock boards cause I was going through el_capitan's thread on it but there is a lot of stuff that is different or not there. EDIT: Also does anyone have a Sound Blaster Titanium card? I have the XFI Tit Hd and I am wondering is there a way to set hot keys to change between Audio Modes? Even better can you make keys that will change the VoiceFX settings you have selected.
  9. : / Well I ended up using Afterburner I only went up to 800 its factory OC was 742 so not a big jump. Its stable it seems and the temps read as 65 at load so easy enough and I didnt have to up my voltage. I am doing a final 12 hour Prime95 on my CPU and then I will do a few benches and install some games
  10. Alright sorry I havent posted pics yet. I have been trying to get it all stable. Right now I have it set to 4.5ghz at 1.3v and I am trying to get it locked down. How long does everyone usually run a Prime95 blend test for to see if its stable for gaming and everyday use? I got OCCT but its a bit more confusing to get working I think then Prime95. Anyone notice that the 2500k clocks down to 1600 most of the time? Or is mine messed up lol. Is there a way to turn that off will it help or not help me with my OC? Ive gone 6 hours on Blend max temp was 72 : / and gone 2 hours on large packets max temp is 67. It does seem like the average temp is a quite a bit lower then the max though during the times I was watching blend cycle it was pretty consistently in the 67-70 max range. Now to start on the GTX 570!
  11. Thank you wevsspot! Ah and on the MSI Afterburner question I thought there was some type of bios flash or something like that to get a card to use it correctly if it wasn't an MSI card thats what I meant by guide. If all I have to do is install it then no biggie I got my CPU temp limit as 72 hopefully much cooler I mostly only want to hit 4.5 so should be easy unless I got a gimp chip I guess. GPU temp I should try and keep below 95. and Black I will most def take some pics and post em later tonight once I get some OC numbers locked in as well. edit: lol just downloaded like 2gb of benching/stressing software.... and the new nvidia drivers.
  12. Hey for all the 650D owners out there the guys over at corsair released the new mesh side panel for the 650D about 2 weeks ago. For anyone that is wanting an extra boost in airflow it gives you the option of 1 x 200mm or 4x 120mm fans. Right now they are running 15 bucks plus shipping.
  13. Alright tomorrow mourning UPS is going to get me the last piece of my new build. And tomorrow afternoon will be dedicated to OC'n this thing and getting it ready for all the new games. I pulled up Capitans i5 2500k OC guide and am ready to go there is some basic info that I would like to get all in one place so I run as efficient as possible tomorrow so if anyone has time to help me with my questions below I would be very appreciative. Things I need to know - What Programs do you rec to test my CPU OC and see if its stable. What Program should I use for the same but GPU If different from above what programs are best for Benchmarking right now. Should I try and get MSI Afterburner running for tweaking the GPU or use Asus's software? (If they have one) If MSI Afterburner anyone have a link to a guide thats well done? What temps can I expect to see on a i5 2500k with my cooler (so I know if im close or to hot or need to reseat HS/F) What are the max safe temps for my CPU and GPU before I cause damage Also a good program to monitor my system and monitor temps. My setup Corsair Obsidian 650D (2x200mm CM Megaflow's 1x120mm Scythe Slipstream in back) ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen 3 Intel i5 2500k CM Hyper 212+ (Push/Pull with 2 CM Blade Masters) 2x4gb Gskill 1600 ASUS GTX570 DCUII Sound Blaster XFI Tit HD 2xSeagate 1TB 7200.12 PCP&P Silencer 750W Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Any other comments or suggestions?
  14. Ya I think I am going to do 1 system + apps 1 for games and then during the holiday craze prob closer to christmas rather then late november try and jump on a 120GB Corsair M4 or something similar.
  15. Ha ya my plan is to get a SSD down the road for my OS maybe during the holidays if they go down a bit more. But yes I know the flooding has raised the prices but they are saying its going to take them 6 months before they are able to get the factory built and thats if the water gtfo's there place lol. I am in the middle of a new build right now and the only thing I dont have are HDD's so ya I am just finding the best deal I can and just eating the extra cost so I can play my games You dont think I will get any extra performance in games by doing a Raid 0? I know for my main OS its a bad idea just in case it crashes but like I said it only has to stay alive for a few months before I get a SSD. Then it wont have my OS on it. By the way I went ahead and got em. They were substantially cheaper then the WD Blacks and cheaper then the F3/F3R's which was my second choice. edit: Bleh been doing some reading looks like it would be better for me to do 2 drives one for system and one for games. Was excited about doing my first raid lol.... Def not gonna lose performance over it though. Do you think once I get a SSD if I use that for system will a raid 0 then be faster if its dedicated to gaming? I will prob get a small SSD thats why I ask I doubt I will have room for many games on it.
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