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  1. TiKiGoD

    How To Apply Thermal Compound?

    i forget where it is, but somewhere someone had a big talk with the guy who makes AS5 and he said that the best way was to let it spread by itself because of the way arctic silver is made. BTW, lense paper, like for cameras is good for cleaning HS's... or the best cheap thing ive found are coffee filters
  2. TiKiGoD

    Free Mini Ipod

  3. TiKiGoD

    Heatercores V Radiators

    what do you think would be easier and give better performance: buy a radiator and have the barbs resoldered or buy a heater core from DDEN with barbs and shroud, etc.?
  4. TiKiGoD

    Heatercores V Radiators

    what is a shroud?
  5. TiKiGoD

    Heatercores V Radiators

    do you think there would be any extra work required for this radiator besides putting on fans? radiator
  6. TiKiGoD

    Heatercores V Radiators

    okay.... so why would anyone pay 100+ for a black ice extreme radiator when they could just get a transmission radiator or w/e for $30
  7. Whats the difference really, and which is better?
  8. TiKiGoD

    Nice Memory Oc

    can anyone point me to a post that adequately explains dividers and ram timings?
  9. TiKiGoD

    My Water Cooling Rig Ideas...

    how do you mount 120mm fans to a radiator? btw what kind of case is this going in?
  10. TiKiGoD

    Thermal Paste, Two Schools Of Thought

    i find that the best things to apply thermal paste with are the really old school platinum chrome razors. they come in a 10 pack or something and are really really thin and bend easily.
  11. TiKiGoD

    Amd Poor Farm

    Nice post... that explains stuff well
  12. I'm not sure if it's just me, but lately I have noticed that the world of computers is rather at a stand-still. Yeah there are new neon fans, a few MHz here and there, a new box-like case, but nothing really spectacular. I just wish something really cool would happen in the world of electronics that would revolutionize the way our world is. I realize the "Hammer" is going to come out sometime soon, but at the moment it looks as if will probably end up being somewhat of a dud. Just wondering if anyone had opinions on the topic and if maybe they had links to something really really cool to come out in the near future. OLEDS are cool... forgot about those.
  13. TiKiGoD

    Quotes To Say To Your Lover!

    If I told you I liked your body, would you hold it against me? Your dad must have been a baker because you have some really nice buns. Was your dad a burglar, because I think he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.
  14. TiKiGoD

    Modded Monitor

    My mommy told me never to put anything in the sockets besides a plug
  15. TiKiGoD


    Clans are ridiculous.