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  1. Well this isnt a ATI vs Nvidia thread but i will say this ATI better have something nice up there sleave because Nvidia has yet to release the 7800 Ultra
  2. Thats a nice set of parts, you might want to consider some new ram TCCD is best for the A64 unless you already have some then just ignore me . TCCD <3 Athlon 64
  3. Installing it on the top will work fine, the NV-68SLI blocks rock and are best because they do cool the ram on the card. Now for the chipset water block it might not work i have seen some cases where it just wouldnt fit because the cards where to big but there is a good chance it will fit and will cool your chipset just fine.
  4. Very nice lol i have never seen anything like that. Word of advice to your setup watch the acrylic res as they tend to crack extremely easy.
  5. all the crossfire boards are AMD Socket 939 or Intel LGA775 so yes you will have to update your cpu unless they come out with a LGA-S478 adapter like they did with the Slot 1 -S370 and S478-S479 but i highly doubt they will.
  6. Saphire will have there own boards they have about 4 differnt samples out now for people to play with and DFI only has one board out for sample for now, i doubt there will be more then one DFI board but there is a chance. A OCZ rep did a review on a non crossfire Saphire board over at XS and anandtech has info on some aswell. But no there not out yet my guesstamate is they will be out a the end of september or october. *EDIT make that a non crossfire Saphire board http://anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2481 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ghlight=saphire
  7. i can vouch for the Gskill 2x256 LA i have a set they do 2.5-3-3-6 at 289 1T just fine all day long
  8. Most of the time you do need a floppy you can try to with a cd but i don't think that will work i have a feeling as soon as you flash that bios all your prolems will be solved. A nether way is in windows most mobo's can be flashed in windows with a tool that comes on the driver cd you get with the mobo check in to that and see what you can find
  9. in the summer like this you want it to go like this pump/block/res/rad because the res can raise the temp of the water it wont be a uber amount but it can happen, but like Dark said it really dosnt matter because the outcome only tends to be 1*C. Like i said not a uber amount
  10. that is a killer kit, the storm block is the best of the best out now there isnt a nether block that can hold its own against the storm. <3 Swiftech aswell
  11. FLASH YOUR BIOS never leave a dfi board with the shiped bios its a very bad thing
  12. I had this same problem when i tried to install gdesklets i just gave up though and went for superkaramba which is just like gdesklets but no where near as big of a pain all i needed was python 2.4 or higher and it looks nice to.
  13. I'm really sorry to say this but 1ghz just wont happen i have seen 6600gt's on vapo and cascades that wont do 800mhz good luck thought more power to you if you get it
  14. its really easy after you get it installed when you got a .exe file click it and it will pop up open with? and just type wine and it will open in wine unless its something wine don't support then try wineX
  15. i overclock because i cant afford the high end crap that and i love to beat the stuffing out of the high dollar crap
  16. theres your problem i have noticed this same thing when i first tried to install SuSE about 15 times later i'm runing on it right now to find out that SuSE seems to be doing better with out trying to update drivers i havnt seen a reason to install the drivers as of right now so i just keep the driver settings to what the install did.
  17. I use SuSE 9.1 for every thing if there is something i need that is a windows file i just use wine or wine x
  18. NF4 doesnt have DDR2 and it can be moded read on DFI street look arround a little more it cant be modded just fine and even if the new drivers cause issues just use old ones i would rather pay 130 for a nf4 DFI board and a sli bridge then 200 for a sli-dr EDIT: also the M2 AMD's next step will be running on DDR2 if you doubt me LOOK arround
  19. No they didnt "fully" fix the memory controler but they did fix some of the bugs in it that the winchester suffered threw hents why you can now run 4x256 in dual channel 1t as on most winchesters it wont do 1t 4x245 i would know as i blew 2 of my ddr slots just this week trying to pull off 4x256 with 1t XD
  20. ditto ditto also on a nether note most NF4 boards the regular ones that is with two PCI-E long slots like the DFI NF4 Lanparty can be fully modded to SLI-DR by conecting bridges on the chipset. doing so will open up siliconraid/sata2/SLI (8x by 8x) LOL did anyone else notice how even nvidia screwed up
  21. only board that will support the turion right now is the DFI lanparty 754 board there is a thread over on a nether forum where i guy got 5 es chips and he tested them and sold them all to DFI Lanparty s754 owners sad thing is they didnt overclock well at all but they did hook up and work just fine after a bios flash.
  22. The Venice is a stripped down re binned san diego. For overclocking a 3700+ San Diego will take you further then a 3200+ venice would i have seen most 3700+ San Diegos do 2.8GHz stock volts, you would have to get a killer venice to get that or a 3800+ and i have even seen some San Diegos do 3GHz with 1.6v on air. I personally would go for the sandy if i had the money as i have a better chance of getting a high clock.
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