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  1. will ducting from my radiator to the out side of my case decrease my temps and if so any one know of a good diy site that has instructions on how to make one and agin thanks for all the posts
  2. forget the last post i did ive got a setup that i want to know your opinions on how this sounds ViaAqua 1300 pump 370gph $20 120mm radiator http://www.xoxide.com/120mmradiator.html $30 evercool 120mm aluminum fan 84.5cfm 31dBA $13 ZALMAN ZM-WB2 p4 water block $50 home depot house $5 clamps $5 $123 how dose that sound for a newbie kit please tell me what you think all feed back appreciated
  3. thanx every body for all the feedback im on a tight budget and i can only afford $100-$150 any ideas on a home made kit for that mutch would rock also newport i read that review to but like five minuts later i read a nether one that the test machines water block leaked on the cpu and i didnt even twinge
  4. ya im starting into the world of water cooling and wanted to know how easy it wold be to upgrade the Thermaltake Aquarius II setup later on and if fluid xp is realy as good as they say it is !!PLEASE HELP!! all feed back appreciated
  5. please dont git me wrong i would do it if i had a extra pc layin arround ya know i dont want to be considerd a bad guy cause i would do this but theres still time if i git a machine ill hook it up for all tey can use
  6. nothing personal but it sounds a little wierd if i had a old machine sittin arround i would hook it up and let it use that but not the one im runin now thanx for the info about it tho
  7. thanks babybal for the help i was looking at the folding team last night i dont understand how it works and exactly what your suppose to do if i can figure it out i will more thin likely join
  8. ive got a intel d845hv with a intel p4 2.0a northwood cpu my board specs out at 2.6 400fsb i want to know if i can push my 2.0 up to 2.6 all help appreciated
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