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  1. Get a MSI 865PE ICH5 Neo 2 board i have one i'm useing right now and the board rocks i love it and i payed under 80 bucks for it, overclocks like a dream. Also other boards to consider Abit, Epox, DFI.
  2. Also i had a nether really odd issue on SuSE for some reason it kept getting my DNS information wrong so thats a nether thing to check if you ever cant get the internet working make sure both servers are right and in some cases all three.
  3. Yup thats a good board and should run good it's not gana have uber overclocking options but like you said you don't plan on overclocking it so thats not really a issue.
  4. Yup they are visually the same just differnt goodies on the board Crossfire has a ATI chipset and SLI has a Nvidia chipset.
  5. Truthfully you are asking a awfull lot here why is it some one has to go out and buy all this stuff and do it, why cant it be cases that have already been done. I agree with taz here you have to many rules on how it must look i would just do a "Best looking UV case setup" just my opinion though.
  6. yes when you overclock a dual core cpu whether it be a intel or AMD it overclocks both cores.
  7. Word of advice from a nether Gigabyte board user turn arround and run away from the giga board if you are 100% sure you want it thats fine because it is your rig but my suggestion is go for a Epox SLI board its about 120 and should work better i have had some pretty bad experences with mine. Just letting you know all in all sounds like it will be a bad arse rig - the board
  8. LOL i would agree if MSI Nforce 3/4 board wernt dieing like they are right now i hear about 10-20 deaths each day on these boards but like all boards they all have there faults. The point is the DFI has more options then the MSI does, when it comes to overclocking with the MSI you will held back by vcore options by them selves.
  9. For that kind of cash i would go for a S939 4000+ San Diego, DFI Ultra D, 7800GTX, Gskill PC4400 LE 2x512, 600watt OCZ power stream psu, a couple 74gb raptor drives in raid and spend the rest on my self and swifty is wrong the DFI boards are just fine for n00bs all that needs to be done when that board is installed is a simple bios flash and it will run smoothly.
  10. not even useless for gameing its just intel is phasing them out just like AMD is phasing out the Athlon XP. As they say out with the old in with the new and for this reason you can no longer find any Northwood C series chips on newegg.
  11. video ram sinks are worth it yes those are O.K. try to find some OCZ ram sinks there the best.
  12. 400mhz on air with a X2 isnt bad at all good job
  13. Chinese Shar-Pei here, i have had two and they are the best dogs i have ever owned
  14. No you see latest word i've herd is that there waiting to release the 7800Ultra till the R520 hits the street and considering the R520 is only gana have 16 pipes i don't think its performance is gana be anything to jump up and down and sell your 7800GT for. Whos knows maybe it will rock but only way it will is gana be for its killer core clock speeds exceeding 700MHz.
  15. Ahhh removing the IHS, when doing this you usally get a good 3-5*c drop in temp it is just as dangerious as haveing a athlon XP without the pads. Hope that makes since i wouldnt do it unless you REALLY want drop your temp but suck a small amount.
  16. lol whats sad is i'm feeding 3v to some TCCD as of right now without cooling it *wispers to him self* "die pdp die"
  17. Hmmmm Very odd i only ran into this problem on my first install of 9.1 i just canceled and disabled all of my extra cards except one and it worked :/ not to sure about this one SuSE has a good support forum that might be able to help if someone here cant.
  18. I use Gmail and like all the space it offers, some of the options are just retarded the way there setup though.
  19. No doubt hands down Venice is the best in the 3000+ - 3500+ category
  20. Here are some crossfire benchmarks for you chavalcito. http://anandtech.com/video/showdoc.aspx?i=2477
  21. Yeah redline is good if you have the option to pump over 3v to the ram and Gskill is better then OCZ in my eyes and always will be
  22. Truthfully when i was a total n00b SuSE wasnt easy but now that i am understanding most things it gets easier by the day sdy you can get SuSE 9.3 aswell its like 10 bucks from lincd i would try the 10.0 beta though if i still had a working CD-RW i would have already downloaded it
  23. I know but a friend with the Asus board and SLI 7800GTX couldnt fit his in there. Now i know you don't have 2x 7800GTX but i'm just telling you there is a slight chance it wont fit.
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