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  1. yeah well the hate you to me personaly i love the way the newer games look alot better then the old comodore days and flight sim 1
  2. man those lanboys are wicked i need to get me one of those nice extra rig you got there now hurry up and get those pelt's a peltin
  3. Uninstall the motherboard and reinstall it make sure you have all the stand off's in there,sounds like the motherboard is grounding out to me.
  4. HOLLY MOTHER OF GOD Ummm will you adopt me ? i'm 18 but still it would be nice hope all goes well in the sale PS: FX's: 57 8gb X****XT PE 512mb CROSSFIRE anandtech already released the name you can put 1800 back on there
  5. man it took almost 2 days to do my last work unit 3 down half way threw my fourth
  6. most bios's will just do auto settings on the ram, you need to set them manually to run 2-2-2-5 so in a way it is normal.
  7. Well i started folding turned in 2 work units already
  8. well you can drop your multi and try for DDR600 but start with DDR400 2-2-2-5 with 2.6v and move up from there they should do DDR600 2.5-4-4-8 with 2.8v. Good luck hope this helps some
  9. ugh sorry i need it to say Benchaddix Thanks again ^_^"
  10. Hello if any one can please help it would be appreciated. I need help with a logo i'm looking for some 3d style text to go on the back ground below i would like it if it could be with a white outline and black in the middle, it would be awesome if it could fill the whole background. Now all i have to offer for some help is a gmail account its not much but its somthing Thanks for any help
  11. Awesome clocks nrg told you the DFI would be your friend As for the temps the DFI is pretty acurate compared to most motherboards i wont say its 100% but i would say its arround 90%. Oh btw Gskill owns all EDIT: to apply AS5 just put a small dab in the middle and thats it no need to spread it across the whole spreader and add a dab completely clean it off, add a small dab in the middle and your done. When you put the heat sink on it will spread out even over the heatspreader where the core is located, you will only need a dab about half the size of a BB, that could be why your temps are so high. GL EDIT 2: Also you can try lapping the ihs if you don't want to remove it, just remember when you do this you cant rma it. For the video card there is a small tab on the cooler that needs to be sanded down and it will go in just fine. once again GL
  12. Sadly this is not true with the size of the pelts he is useing it needs a great deal of cooling to keep them cool so a dual 3x120 setup is perfect, way to go Weee looks awesome.
  13. Oscar Wu one of the best motherboard designer ever, also writes a mean bios to Do any of you know the how the Fatal1ty came about? Abit did a survy with a bunch of gamers to decide how to make the board look cool so they took one gamer from the group and had him help them design the board to look cool in acrylic windowed cases. That seems to be all Abit cares about fancy boxes and board with purty lights on them :/ EDIT: Basicly the way i feel until the saphire boards come out that is, anyway if you want stock get anything you want you want, but for performance and good overclocking get DFI there is no other board out now that can take on the DFI and win i don't care what any review says.
  14. Hmmm sounds like what most get with stock air. The point is the Big Water is poorly desinged along with the AQ2 from TT and the corsair hydrocool they are all poorly designed, only way to make a TT Big Water better is to change the rad and tubeing size while your at it you will need to replace the cheap pump for one that can actually get water moving in the end it will cost as much as getting a good cooler water cooler or building your own loop. Big Water = Waste of time and money If you want to go water cooling and want decent results pick up a koolance as they will actually perform ok.
  15. You know i find it funny when intel puts out a cpu they dont have to spend years trying to make it work perfect they tend to get it right within 3 months of release so there is no need to waste attention on a cpu that work excelent which gives them more time to release better chips. AMD all there doing is takeing lowend cpu's giveing them a new socket and hopeing they will work when in the end dozens have to be RMA'd i like AMD i like Intel but i get tired of hearing how everything intel does is wrong and AMD does everything right which is a sack of bull ..
  16. Hmmmm if intel made it must be useless is what all you AMD fanboys should just come out and say :/ i swear you people need to be more open minded, this could be a turn for the good who knows you havnt even seen numbers on it yet of course when intel came out with PCI-E you all felt the same way then when AMD came nocking saying they were gana use PCI-E every thing was great and PCI-E was awesome :/ same thing with DDR2 when it was on Intel its crap but now that AMD is gana start useing its wonderfull. :/ Just incase some of you don't know AMD is good for games thats about it unless you pay huge amounts of money intels are good at encodeing and crap like that. Prices on intels have come down or has no one noticed that? its not like there pulling the same crap like they did with the 3.0C is it? NO who charges more for there dual core CPU's that overclock like crap, O thats right AMD :/ yet a 820 can pull 4ghz on air. If you have a problem with Intel and the way they do things take it up in the Intel vs AMD thread and my final word to this THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT IF AMD SWITCHED TO PCI-E AND ARE SWITCHING TO DDR2 must not be that bad no huh? EDIT: Yet there is a wonderful chip out by intel called a Dothan that in a asus s478 board overclocked to a easy 2.6ghz will own any if not all AMD systems out up to 3ghz in all games/benchmarks. Hmm seems like there doing something right since the new dothan will be dual core and be supported on the LGA775 platform :/ EDIT2: BTW intel has about 5 chips comeing out the begining of next year compared to AMD's 1 which is the M2 i would rather be a company who throws out new hardware to keep the peoples eye other then a company who feeds off the same crap for three years "cough AMD cough" i would rather have new hardware that comes out the box and overclocks other then have hardware that wont even run 4x256 1T and kills its self trying "cough AMD cough" [end=rant]
  17. Sounds like a PSU about to go bad or some cap's that are starting to blow.
  18. he never unlocked it, it unlocked by its self alot of this has been happening where people get there chips and certin multi's are unlocked.
  19. Well it is far from awesome but it isnt the worst if that helps if you are looking for a board in that price range get either the Epox SLI board or the MSI SLI board.
  20. lol bosco you have a awesome wife i just hope when i get married she will be as understanding
  21. /me stabs TimeMachine Jetway it doesnt get any worse then that :/ Bosco you might want to consider a singel 7800GT maybe even SLI you will see a noticable increase if the game supporst SLI.
  22. No its a car pc "front end" called RoadRunner i myself plan to do this some time soon. These are awsome and fairly easy to do there are plenty of free car pc "front ends" out there like RoadRunner, Frodo player, and centrafuse to me centrafuse looked the best but the guy who made it is makeing a new version that should be out soon if it isnt already. All you have to do is download it and make sure you have all the codec's and open it there are tons of options on how you can set it up you can even chage the skin on it also it will make playlists for your music, play dvd and other video formats there really cool you can also setup navigation on it listen to the radio on them they do every thing those $2000 ones do but at a fraction of the price. EDIT* This stuff is extremely cheap take the mobo/cpu setup for a 1GHz setup with passive cooling from VIA which is what that guy is useing but he has the fan version anywho 1GHz fanless cost about 100 bucks only thing that costs alot are the screens which are usally 7in lcd touch screens and they go for about 250 bucks with decent planing you can build your own for under 500 bucks compare the to the other ones that cost 1500+ its a wicked deal .
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