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  1. OK heres the deal i made a couple calls to my friends and got me a brand new PS2 slim in the box not even a month old for 10 bucks (gata love friends) how ever thats all i got was the unit its self and the power adaptor no controllers no memory cards and no games so i am willing to still trade off the following PDP 2x256 TCCD DDR400 Ram (still in package with lifetime warranty) $50+ shipping AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (NOT TESTED but was sold to me in working condition from a trusted occ member) $20+ shipping AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Winchester i have got it to 2.5GHz on a gigabyte board (amazing i know) yet i can not say for sure you will get the same it is fully working in retail box with a lapped stock heatsink (still has 2 years left on the warranty) $75+ Shipping Now things i need 2x SONY controllers (to me there the best dunno why) 1-2x Sony memory card AV cable ( you know the one that conects in the back with the video/audio out) and of course GAMES such as Tokyo Extreme Racer 3, Gran turismo 4, R: Racing Evolution, NFSU 2 and tekken 5 now if you have games that i didnt list just pm me and i will consider it thanks OH and if you have none of the above but still need something listed i will sell them aswell just pm me.
  2. Its back up for trade never got word from the other person this isnt a joke i need this ASAP i'm even willing to ship the hardware out today via priority mail
  3. I'm sure it would i don't see why it wouldnt.
  4. No worries let me know if you decide Bump all still for sale
  5. Ok well i am a little tight on cash this month so i need to sell some of my cpu's sitting here collecting dust First up 3000+ AMD Athlon 64 Winchester S939 i have had it at 2.5GHz stable the stepping is a nice stepping but due to my giga board i could never get any higher, the stepping is CBBHD 0449MPM it comes in the retail box with a lapped retail cooler. i would like to get 80 shipped for this. Next AMD Athlon XP 2000+ i havnt used this thing so cant tell you what exactly it will do it is un tested but was told it worked great and was under water for all of its life by the occ member i bought it off of all i want for this thing is 20 bucks shipped. Next 2x AMD K6-2's one is a 300mhz and the other is a 350mhz both have been tested and work i will test again before sale is final as it has been about 4 months since i tested them. 5 bucks each shipped is all i want and last but not least I've got 2x 166mhz pentiums havnt tested they would be good for key chains and thats about it 5 bucks shipped for both i will try to get some pictures up but most of you know i am lacking a digi cam at the moment. I can only do money orders or personal checks Thanks for looking
  6. _|0() |33+ +0? +|-|3 &|_|1(|< 8|`0\\\|\| |=0>< _||_|///95 0\/3|` +|-|3 |4-/_`| |)06
  7. *DING DING DING DING* "And the fight is on, in corner number one is Hardnrg supporting the UK with his lean mean CABYE Opteron fighting machines and in the left corner there is nobdoy willing to take on the lean mean UK fighting machine" To Be Continued
  8. man these opteron results are so sexy i wish i had the money to throw at one and a dfi board awesome results guys keep us updated.
  9. umm its called nvidia video card & drivers + wine + cedega = almost every game you have for windows
  10. since the rig is already screwed i say throw linux on it can never go wrong with linux
  11. Very odd indeed. i don't fold for occ and i don't have it i dunno what would cause it other then some members trying to be "cool" with a silly little prank such as this also if you notice KB's and Xinul's is different KB has no space while Xinul does and if someone where to spend there time hacking into sig's they would edit them right and no half assed
  12. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...707#post1109707 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ight=fun+dothan http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ighlight=dothan http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ighlight=dothan that should be enough if not i have about 50 more links
  13. i would really like to try this but i need to find out where to get the good iso also does this have to be burned as a dvd or can it be burned in seperate cdr's?
  14. :| KB the 5700 and 5200 are worth far less then that gskill aim higher more like 9800pro for those sticks
  15. simple question not trying to be rude but why the hell would you buy it if you are scared to use it :/
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