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  1. Thanks comp and king comp: no i don't need any more old crap lol and yeah i finally got a c2d sadly its just been sitting on a shelf rotting as i have been to busy with work and putting money towards getting a house to even bother with it. These days i spend most my time on a dell laptop when im not busy at work, still have that damn 2.0a though still doin 3.4 on air dialy also had grabbed a 3.0c 30cap a while back been wanting to see if it would touch 4 but been to lazy to even bother trying.
  2. Thanks for all the welcome backs i appreciate it Naw ya cranky britt the carpets all yours
  3. Just thought i would say YO and to all those who remember me no im not dead XD just been out of the scene for a while and thought i might read up some as my old days of the 478 and overclocking the piss out of it are worthless these days.
  4. ^|)|-|4!|_$ @ |33!|\|6 /-\ |337 []D [] []\/[] []D
  5. I used invision free back in the day biggest thing i liked is the software IPB software is just awesome and pretty easy to work with especially if you buy the whole deal other then use the free version as a lot of the files are zend encoded but if purchased it has a world of options for things you can do with it.
  6. ^knows she is one of the nicest people in person but is strait badarse on the internets in her elf suit and all!.....roleplaying.... >.>
  7. lol i hear that a lot these days oh im scared lol after u kill me are you gonna store me in your meet locker? congrats dude you'll be a great dad!
  8. ^wonders how much wood could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood
  9. ^is 40 and still attends college trying to blend in with the younger hipper crowed while building a case that he started 2 years ago and has yet to finish.
  10. ^likes WoW so much that she would have married it if it had come out before she met her hubby Glad to hear it
  11. You sir would be wrong, and we all know that wife of yours wears that pants
  12. ^is the biggest boss that you've seen thus far how you and the hubby doin?
  13. ^actually wishes celt DID see everything!
  14. ^thinks injijagwala...what the heck...huh? every night before he goes to sleep lol no comp i didnt die hopefully thats not a rumor thats going around XD and thanks to those who realize that gaming isnt going to pay the bills
  15. ^wants to twin turbo the G37 Actually use to be a gamer now i just turn wrenches
  16. ^wishes Bruce Lee would let him pet his dragon....
  17. Sent a nether pm and a couple aim im's money will be sent as soon as you get back to me.
  18. http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=zz.led.resistor.calculator
  19. All is gone except the PDP ram which is still up for sale or trade dropping the price to 40+ shipping this is a awesome deal or if you have gran turismo 4 i am willing to trade
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