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  1. I thought it was 130? Found a coupon. How was it 130 before? Your proof is contradictory. Ok curiosity killed the cat here, since i haven't been on in 5ish years....but do you always insist on making your self look like an ass when he posts to just get a rise out of him...in hopes that he in return makes an ass out of himself?.... seriously you troll every post he makes talking shit about money he has spent and his worth(per say) seriously though what does it matter what he spends or how he gets his money or what he thinks is awesome, just make one post explaining your opinion and call it a day, if he bites back make a simple rebuttal stating how you came upon your opinion but don't troll every post -_- no wonder these threads are 500 pages long i bet only a quarter of that is actual topic substance... I'm not trying to be a dick I'm just saying, you can take it how you want though. ./end rant EDIT: this only requires a simple answer however if you feel the need to express more than such my inbox is always open and if i actually give a shit ill respond.....now that was dickish sorry ;-)
  2. Eh yeah Gentoo was a pain but hey it was a good way to kill part of a boring day and if you did all the tweaks to portage and everything else in the GUI you killed an entire boring day. IDK what ever happened to Compxpert but we use to have timed races on getting into the GUI with functional network drivers -_- P.S Bishop you'll hate it dude games are just stupid buggy in linux especially with 12.10 and if your running 64bit as well you are going to want to shoot your self in the face 4 hours into it randomly crashing with a error code no one has ever seen before just my opinion though.
  3. It almost seems like you don't know what to do because she's digging you and you're not so much digging her..
  4. If you're using the out of the box GUI its unity you ever get nvidia drivers worked out on it >.>....years later mybad.. I'm trying to figure out what you mean... Are you saying the area in Ubuntu you have to find that allows you to install 3rd party drivers is hard to find? I would agree with this, I liked the old utility from past Ubuntus. 3rd party drivers are crap in ubuntu you get no where near the same performance that you do from the ones straight from nvidia sadly though the drivers from nvidia are a pain to install and will most likely lead you to a black screen where you usually have a login screen unless done right. Thats why i use to like Gentoo so much even tho it didn't have a GUI for installation and required allot of configuration Portage was the shit you could tell it to grab nvidia drivers and it wouldn't even huff or puff about it and would do it twice as fast as apt-get as long as your tree was properly configured. BUUUUT sadly Gentoo is not what it use to be and is lacking features that it should have (IMO and im not going to argue about it) and comes with a crap live dvd option PFFFT
  5. If you're using the out of the box GUI its unity you ever get nvidia drivers worked out on it >.>....years later mybad..
  6. Nice bike fast as hell too! What exhaust? Almost looks like a two brothers or a jardine also asv levers?
  7. Thats an easy one luckily! Pop one of them off clean and read the back it will give you diameter, width, offset, manufacture, and model number and you can search from there to see what they are worth. 99.9% of wheel companies do this in order to verify the legitimacy of the wheel and for track officials to approve them for track usage(mainly scca events.... whiny bastards....)
  8. Anytime dude, I've got years in the import industry more than i wish to admit lol but there truly is a special place in my heart for nostalgic japanese cars I have no clue what it is but they are amazing to me cherish your z man they are fun and rare to come by in good shape at a reasonable price. The way to look at wheels though sadly is they are the kicks(shoes) of the car but without the option of trying them on and seeing how they look before you buy them you'll more then likely find yourself going threw at least 3 sets of wheels on this car before you do actually decide just be sure to keep them pristine and you wont loose money you'll break even in your search.
  9. If it makes you feel any better back in the olden days when the athlon 64 came out and intel still called their processors Pentium 4's we rocked DDR400 at latency's of 2-3-3-7 all the way up to DDR"600" but had to push 3+ volts threw it to do so this type of thing was common and was the name of the game but so was vdroop mods and stuff like that...things have gotten easier but sadly easier means harder to diagnose... good luck dude hope it really is just a bum stick a ram as ram is cheap these days and plentiful
  10. Yeah its all kinds of fail... needs spoon mirrors/lip kit amber corners rolled fenders or wheels with proper FWD offset oem carbon hood and it MIGHT be attractive then lol.. check out arizona z car its a website they offer a willwood brake upgrade with a 5 lug option to put you at 5x114.3 which offers you pretty much ANY good looking wheel ever created i just don't know how much money you have to throw as the kit will set you back nearly 3/4k just on suspension components not including decent one piece coilovers or wheels its an option though! EDIT:!!!!! THESE ARE SICK Hyashi racing makes these i love this wheel so damn much <3 they also make a wheel called sakura which means cherry blossom in case someone didnt know they are pretty sick too lol Either way those are "baller" wheels if you will they will set you back EASY 4k WITHOUT center caps LOL EDIT: once again i realized i didnt actually answer your question in the post above about offset sorry -_- got excited ok saw some wheels i have much love for... the white car doesnt count as its a photo shop they are a zero offset and on a 15in it would poke no ifs ands or buts on a factory flare the silver one has some fender work done with a very subtle flare the wheels appear to be in the 10-15 range of offset depending on width hard to tell from the photo the black one looks like a 15x10 on the front and 15x12 on the back with a 10 offset watanabe offers up to a 15x14in wide wheel EDIT: once more here but idk why anyone would put s130 mirrors on a s30 like the black one its saddening its one thing to do fender mirrors on a s30 as long as they are bullet style but to put some 80's crap on a gorgeous piece of 70's art is a slap in the face...sorry but i had to bitch a little on that one
  11. Its a good looking wheel id go black imo you'll find that replacing anything black is going to be your main option for that car as chrome is a thing of the 70's/early 80's any aftermarket part you buy will come black unless specified to be chrome a nether company to consider would be Axis they offer a line called the "OG San" which has some pretty sweet choices in wheels the bad part though is most of them are 4x100 lug pattern which is absolutely dumb as RWD cars of the import influence from the 80's on down like yours all came in a 4x114.3 variant so you cant rock them.....SO DUMB but this is what started the poke look for the hondas as they would run these wheels and pound the car so it looked good.....its gotta be wide AND flush not pokie pokie just dont do it unless you can rock flares and make them look good lol ^^^^^^good ^^^^^bad -_-
  12. BBS wheels are awesome but sadly stupid expensive unless old used and beat once again idk how you feel on wheels allot of car guys look at wheels like kicks(shoes) if they arnt a fortune they arnt worth rocking i don't feel this way I'm more of a price/function type person so i offer this http://xxrwheel.com/wheels.shtml good price good size offerings/offsets and a good solid wheel thats TRACK approved not like rotas where they shatter when you touch a curb, or if you like steelies with a good offset check out http://www.diamondracingwheels.com/ don't be discouraged by how they look off a car google them and you will see plenty of awesome examples... a 10in wide steelie on a 0 offset=freaking awesome
  13. I've had a wireless mouse do this multiple times on low battery life idk what mouse you're running but it might be your culprit.
  14. What offset/style? care on brand or knock offs a no go?
  15. Actually called a bellow but w/e :-P Best looking z in the us imo S30/zg flares/headlight covers/RS watanabes <3
  16. http://www.memtest86.com/ .... see if it throws any errors...sounds like a bum stick of ram and yeah it goes out just like that... sadly it will work one min and not the next just my opinion though take it for what its worth.
  17. You sure that wont ruin your hearing aid old man? :-P
  18. nevermind the answer to this is download driver file for 256X reboot hit F8 on initial load and disable driver signature enforcement http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowsserver2008r2general/thread/27d51535-8b74-4055-9a72-bd0f5865c477/ edit #2 figured i should include the link that has "functional" drivers http://modblog101.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/linksys-wmp54g-v4-1-64bit-drivers/ edit #3 forgot to also add please disregard all postings in the microcrap link i posted above accept for the second one as everyone is an idiot on there ONCE THE DRIVER IS INSTALLED ITS INSTALLED you don't have to go back every reboot and disable driver signature enforcement you do however have to do it every time you want to install a modded or unsigned driver. edit #4 I'm just going to write a guide on this crap and how to turn its bodily functions back on -_- this is pathetic after server 2008 which blew balls you'd think it would only gotten better rather than worse i haven't had this much trouble with an install since the you build it your self days of Gentoo and Vista Beta/RC1 64bit <----OWNED -_-
  19. FML this has been haunting me for almost a day now without any sign of a fix. I'm running windows server 2012 on this rig and it has a wireless card in it from linksys a wmp54g with the ralinktech RT2561 chip on it and i cannot find a single driver that works out there and the one on ralinktechs site for this chip wont install as it says wlan config service needs to be manually installed in which I've already done along with set it to auto so it starts on boot anyone know how to fix this or were i can find just the driver files themselves without having to install the exe provided by their site since it doesn
  20. Why don't we just call her a slut?....Ill take the slut.....sluts are fun
  21. ^has suprisingly un-emo hair for being as emo as he is british
  22. The shortest life story EVA!
  23. ^denies being a fish but really is a fish
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