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  1. Ill look around and try to find the last program i used to record voltage. The thing about a volt meter is it has a refresh rate in which voltage is captured its refresh rate could be 5ms well if voltage drooped low enough for 1ms to cause the system to bsod then the volt meter would never pick that up that droop would have to of lasted for 5ms for it to respond on the screen. If volt meters were still analog like they were back in the day this wouldn't be the case but unless you spend a small fortune on a digi one then you can never tell exactly what its doing even programs might not pick up such a sudden blip. EDIT: the big reason why im pushing psu to you is like Waco said a hard shutdown is a power problem mobo/cpu/ram would only cause system hangs failure to boot or bsod
  2. Theres tools out there to record voltage stats as well as temp stats when testing, it sounds like it could be the psu dieing to me. I would keep a close eye on your 5v/3.3v rails and see if they dip under load could easily drop down for a second under heavy loading of prime.
  3. Looking for a mini-itx board LGA775 preferably a Zotac something with built in video/HDMI port let me know if you have one and a price you'd be willing to part with it for. Thanks
  4. I've had a power button go bad on me, may seem silly but it its possible that its something as small as that.
  5. If you end up willing to split them up id be interested in 4 of them depending on price
  6. You do realize that your stock car comes with a whopper 0-60 time of 9 seconds right? and around 120hp yours is far from a hot rod too bud it just has more aftermarket support Sweet first car hot hatchs are the new big thing!
  7. Selling a brand new Asus P8 Z77-V LE Plus decided to go a different route on my new build and got a different board brand new in box comes with everything. If you have any questions feel free to pm me and ill respond asap asking $130.00 shipped (US ONLY) am willing to ship over seas as long as buyer pays shipping fee's Details on said board can be found: http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/P8Z77V_LE_PLUS/ I don't have heatware but have sold on here in the past and bought as well have plenty of good feedback just have to search old topics to find it. Thanks
  8. The hazzards/turn signals is a very common problem on this car there is a full write-up on how to repair them on HybridZ and the horn doesn't work because of the lazy person who put the aftermarket steering wheel on and didn't fix the brass tab that is on the column that makes contact to the brass ring on the steering wheel hub.
  9. epic step in the right direction to be honest its an amazing piece of hardware. IMO people whine to much these days go on youtube people record everything as is now whether you like it or not is irrelevant lets get real here our memory is nothing but a recording device if I'm in a public place where others are, who are they to say I'm not allowed to digitally remember said encounter the only complaint i saw in that article that really has a good point for banning them is Nevada in casinos and shows in which you could record the show in 720p and re distribute it, and be honest here look at how quick videos get filtered out of youtube and removed do you really think google wouldn't do the same?
  10. Possible..... however it would be peak loads that would ever get you beyond 150watts and is however unlikely either way i am fairly certain most new aged boards run vcore off of the 12v rail so this is something you shouldn't worry about. You get the gist of it though just watch your vcore and only increase it as it is needed.
  11. Its just drastically different in how you move around in the UI. It is touch screen optimized so working through it without one takes a different approach. Different is the key word and people myself included are sometimes resistant to change. This is a fact I'm using Server 2012 along side Ubuntu with gnome 3.6 in which both pretty much have very similar UI actions somethings are awesome some you will find yourself asking "wtf" i like it its peppy but so is windows 7 so to each their own. I just feel like you cant knock it till you've test drove it for at least a week.
  12. Trick will be to find another female with interests in PCs along with your patience, which is like that of Buddha. Ok, which post is the real you, the one above or this one? The wife above and this one, you? Aww, that's where the patience comes from. It obeys commands! sudo su - ./services makefogelasammich lol only you ...though that probably is how most non-techy girls would hear that. DID YOU JUST CALL ME A SUMO?! no su required it would be just sudo but then again hes gonna wanna do something like sudo apt-get purge skank y-for yes to confirm to getting rid of dead weight
  13. He was an awesome dude thats for sure, he posted allot way back in the days and was always a wealth of knowledge when he did. Def a sad loss and will be missed! not a lot of 2004 < members around anymore I'm noticing kinda sad. My prayers go out to his family and the people he so generously donated his organs to, I hope they make it and find out that they were saved by a truly special person. The best gift in life after all is life its self.
  14. It was so well delivered too it saddens me
  15. lol you are disturbed, but we'll take you that way and no way else. Touch
  16. Well that's how i figured it'd go lol i also found GeeXboX which seems to be OpenELEC but with a better addon repository I'm going to look into it aswell!
  17. So I've got quite a few old rigs laying around and I've slapped together a old P4 prescott with 4gigs of ram, 2tb of hdd, a 7800GT, Tv tuner ect for a htpc... however I'm stuck on which distro I would like to live with my options are XBMC which is now integrated with Ubuntu 12.1 or OpenELEC which is XBMC but in an embedded form so no GUI backend to slow things up. My debate is really leaning on OpenELEC as its well....embedded which means any real configuration would have to be done remotely or threw command line(Gentoo flashbacks) while if i just went with the Ubuntu XBMC I could easily hit the GUI backend and apt-get my self to happiness. With this comes the price of performance tho as it will in no doubt in my mind swallow ram like there's no tomorrow..Ubuntu is just to pretty for its own good....Is it worth a horrid boot time with having to more than likely reboot more often than not or just go with the small footprint and never worry about it swallowing resources like there's no tomorrow? Whats your guys opinion/take? P.S. MythTV is not an option I hate it and everything its has/had stood for....But I'm open for other embedded style distros that may fulfill my needs so feel free to fire those away at me if you can think of any. Thanks
  18. drawbacks? what drawback? Good linux distros are robust, highly customizable and above all, fun to work with. The drawbacks he'd be referring to are these.....Its like going grocery shopping but you're broke so you have to do it at the Dollar Tree/Store(depending on your location) that's Linux while Windows is like shopping at Costco with AMEX in your wallet ready to go....your program/game options are unlimited......ya dig? I still love Linux tho and will forever rock it on the daily with a little mind break in windows where everything is a one click wonder and doesn't start with ctrl+alt+t.....
  19. chrome + linux = no ad's here minus the banners but hell who cares about those :tongue: This theme does need some love though c'mon Nerm you helped me when we did BA get to work acting like your busy pffft lol :tongue:
  20. In all honesty all these gripes can be fixed by configuring it otherwise in your admin tools I've been dicking with server 2012(windows 8 for servers) and all my gripes have been cured just by configuration, getting to the start menu is annoying but what i find more annoying than that is in server you have to alt+ctrl+del to get to the shut down option and explain why your shutting down each time -_- so dumb...I like how the start menu is laid out though its powerful and pretty just takes patience and allot of digging to get it right. No different than vista imo
  21. I mean don't get me wrong here if he pissed in your wheaties than he pissed in your wheaties(no need to explain I don't care) dude...nothing wrong with disliking someone but holy shit stfu sometimes and look at what your typing and how relevant it is to the topic at hand as you're only cluttering some innocent persons thread(that needs help not just "fun talk") with nosense quotes and bs replies internet jabbing at each other you guys are not 13 anymore puberty is over that's why it makes you look like an ass...on this note I'm done, again my inbox is always open for debate...its got a sweet ass delete function if i feel like my time is being wasted, just like it does for you. P.S. I just bought a beer, irish car bomb and dinner so we can keep the topic on track and semi relevant EDIT: I've got it better yet you two can exchange phone numbers because you both know you have unlimited texting and talk shit to each other that way! Just wake up roll over pop that smart phone off the charger and let it rip then all its doing is wasting your guys time :-D BRILLIANT EDIT 2: The beer was a corona with lime just in case you wanted to tell me how i did it wrong...
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