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  1. the max pipes used to be 16 untill the 7800gtx came out in which it has 24 the 7800ultra if i'm right is supose to have 28. ATI cards top out with 16 pipes as of right now but more will come when the R520 is released.
  2. Ok i don't have sli but i know some about it so i will answer the questions as much as i can 1. It will work on all games you will se a small performance boost on games that are not designed for it to be fully utilized but you can use it on all games. No you don't have to flip it if a game isn't designed around sli. The card is there to tell the motherboard whether or not to run 16x/4x which is for a single gpu solution or 8x/8x which is for a dual gpu solution, basically you will only have to set it once when running a dual gpu setup if you decide to run a single card you will have to turn the card back to set it for single card use. most board utilize the card your talking about but there are some that don't like DFI the use a series of jumpers to set it to 8x/8x or 16x/4x Hope this helps you.
  3. I'm gana have to agree with bigred on this, its like a Chihuahua and a pit bull in a small ring. Intel is a very powerful company and no matter how much i would like amd to win this i just don't see it happening. Now intel will never be second, i have talked to countless pc owners and over 97% of them said that they wouldn't even consider a AMD there reasons being "Well Intel has bin around for ever and there cpus are reliable and i like mine" as long as prebuilts come out with intel even if they sell amd ones intel will still sell more as they are WELL known to the average joe/jane. This isn't intels fault in fact i place more of the blame on amd because if they would actually advertise like intel does then i doubt they would be in this situation, you would be surprised how many people buy Intel just because they seen the "cool" commercial that was on tv about the cpu. Now i'm not talking about just starting to advertise after they slap a lawsuit on intel which i truthfully find a little tacky and distasteful but i mean when intel started to advertise they should have done the same. Most people don't know what AMD is and really don't care and thats no ones fault but AMD's who stopped them from advertising? no body. AMD make awsome cpu's and i will forever keep them in mind when i am building a pc but before i knew anything about pc's i didn't even know amd existed and even after i started working on pc's it still took me some time to even know amd cpus were any good because back then and even now all you see and hear about amd is a logo on a pc site like newegg and a cpu for sale next to intel cpu's. Most people don't take the time to read reviews on stuff because they don't want to go threw all that all they want to do is order a pc and have it work. Anyhow thats just my .02c
  4. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=55734 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=64409 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=66651 Old news but yes it should be a awsome board.
  5. Your timings are to loose i have some pdp sitting over on my shelf that wasnt even the XBL and it did 285 at 2.9v with 2.5-4-4-7 timings give the 2.5-4-4-7 a try see how it works out. I would more then likely be able to help you more if i didnt kill the pdp you see 3.3v with no air flow over TCCD can kill it quick , right now i'm useing some GSKILL DDR600 LA and it does 290 with 2.7v and 2.5-3-3-6 timings rated timings are 2.5-4-4-8 at DDR600 1T
  6. Mag pumps are awsome performers, good choice if you have a pets mart they carry some mag 3's there, atleast my local one does.
  7. sdy the question was answered the size of the case dosnt matter "Your case should be ok you can fit water cooling in about any case includeing shuttle case." its that simple. The size of the tube is not what needs to be worried about it is the size of the radiator, pump, and res but you can still make it fit in any case. Swiftech has a pump/res combo which if you have a super small case (like matx size) i would look into getting even then most if not all matx cases have plenty of room to fit a full 1/2in loop in there. EDIT: don't bash my post until you actually come up with something useful Thanks
  8. Please try to keep your posts in one topic and post it in the cooling section next time. As for your question 1/2in tubing is the maximum i would go it will provide you with optimum flow in your watercooling loop. Your case should be ok you can fit water cooling in about any case includeing shuttle case.
  9. XP 64 is based off of windows 2003 server 64 so no matter what you do it will always show up as windows 2003. This is also why when you goto My Computer>Control Panel>Performance and Maintenance>System if you read what version of windows you have it should say Version 2003.
  10. List http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/ http://www.frozencpu.com http://www.dangerden.com http://www.crazypc.com/ http://www.dtekcustoms.com/index.asp http://www.aquastealth.com/ http://www.directron.com/watercooling.html http://www.cooltechnica.com/ that should cover every thing you would need for your water cooling wants
  11. Well i have had a X-Connect for about half a year and the first month it worked good then the rails started to drop i modded it got the rail back up to a o.k. range and now this thing just plain sucks, its holding me back and i regret ever paying 100 bucks for it considering it performs worse or just as bad i should say as my generic 15 dollar on did. As for a modular the OCZ modstream should be a awsome psu, ocz makes quallity products and have awsome tech support.
  12. LOL i have never seen anyone go to that extent for such a low performing rig lol. Now as for the res i have seen people use 40+ gallon fish tanks as a res lol what ever they can find that will hold water people will use
  13. I am planing on building one of these aswell and what i plan to do is get a 9800se and a ATI tv wonder elite card, i have read countless amounts of reviews and it seems to do better then the hauppauge. You don't need alot of video card for a media center i would go for a 9500 if you don't plan on playing UBER new games and even with new games i would go for the 9800se/pro 128mb/128bit as they are cheap and easy to come by.
  14. The reason they don't recomend mounting a block on on a intel chipset (the ones with hooks all the boards i know of have hooks) is because the hooks can break really easy if your not careful i would worry that the weight of the block would sanp the hook, you can always just get a better air cooling chipset cooler and it will work fine. Good luck hope this helps.
  15. Also you might try and move the res up one more bay, you want to try and keep the res higher then the rest of the loop and from the pictures it looks like you have it dead even with the top of the radiator.
  16. KB the 4000+ is locked like all AMD chips except for its FX line which is a full open multi but the rest are only open to lower multis Hacker im not insulting you, what im trying to say is do a little research as long as you have a 939 board any 939 cpu will work same with 754 boards all 754 cpus will work and so on.
  17. i'm sorry but if you cant tell if your S939 board that says it supports a FX cpu which is S939 then you have some issues you need to work on before you spend that kind of money on a cpu.
  18. The swiftech kits are nice kits and you can find them for under and around 200 bucks, but the only way your gana see 15*c is A. if you live with nerm and B. your outside temp would have to be under 15*c. Now like people said above you can use a phase change unit or a Pelt to get temps down that low but these two things are not very user friendly and before even considering it i suggest you spend a good amount of your time reading up on it. The reason i say this is because both of these things can cause MAJOR damage to your computer parts and unless you know how to do it and do it right the first time you can expect to be replacing either your cpu or motherboard countless times until you get it right due to the condensation produced by these cooling methods, with the average water cooling you wouldn't have to worry about that unless you put ice water or did something along those lines then once again you will have a condensation problem.
  19. ugh i think you miss understood what i'm trying to say, i'm not saying all intel 2.8ghz cpus rock in games in fact most intel cpus suck in games but a dothan overclocked to 2.8ghz will spank a FX-55 in almost if not all games, in apps the thing is only so so . It will not out perform a FX in any apps but in games it will, but hey that is just my .02c and from all the info i have gathered from the last 3 months of looking into it and red i'm not talking from review sites but from peoples personal results.
  20. actually in games the Dothan at 2.8GHz is faster it is when other apps come into play that it bogs the FX is awsome for all around use but for pure gameing i still say go with the Dothan.
  21. bah i truely dont care if people would open there eyes and look at the numbers i wouldnt have to type it but its just not very popular because it is only AGP :/
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