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  1. Those are excellent temps for not having a full loop. 1.44v is a bit on the high side, but every chip is different. I'd be willing to bet you can get it stable lower than that but if not, just means you didn't win the silicon lottery. Temps are still fine even at 1.44
  2. Great temp drop. Should shoot for 5ghz. Good luck and glad to hear someone else had a great experience with the Rockit.
  3. KillaCam

    Parvum with EK Loop

    New 8700K build with EK loop
  4. I've used my Rockit tool to delid 6 CPU's now. Coming from using a vice before, the Rockit tool is just great. Takes literally 45 seconds and I've seen anywhere from 15-24C drops in temps. 8700K I just installed dropped more than 20C after a delid. As far as LM goes, I've used both CLU and Conductonaut. Conductonaut might get you 1/2C lower, but overall they are both good. I have never re-lidded the IHS, but if you are going the Silicone route just make sure you don't use too much. The amount intel puts on is already too much (hence half of the reason you delid in the first place). Good luck and enjoy your new temps!
  5. I recently had a very similar issue with my system. Random BSOD's when web surfing, but never while gaming. Banged my head against the wall for a while and did pretty much everything you did. I finally ran memtest on each individual RAM stick. Turned out one of them was bad. Random BSOD's that you can't reproduce are hard to troubleshoot. Memtest would be an easy next step.
  6. agreed... even overclocking my m17x r3 gave very small gains... not worth it. The cooling system on the Alienware (which is actually pretty beefy for a laptop) can't keep up.
  7. Haha... Teemo... best champ ever to troll Bronze league with.
  8. The extra cores don't help with gaming at all. Should there be a time games are coded to utilize more than 4 cores, then maybe. But that day isn't today. You would save some money, but sacrifice some performance, power consumption, and thermals if you go AMD. Not an "Intel fanboy" by any means as I have an AMD build and an Intel build, I just go off of the numbers. http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/2012/11/06/amd-fx-8350-review/6 in case you are looking for some charts on FPS/Power consumption
  9. Euro is correct. Can't put a 3xxx series CPU on a z97 board. If you are set on the 3770, you will have to get an 1155 socket board. Otherwise you will need a 4th gen intel CPU to fit a z97 board. A 770 will be able to game at that resolution, but you will not be able to turn on all eye candy. You would need to SLI, or get a more powerful single GPU as Euro stated. Good news is your existing PSU will easily handle 2x 770's or a 780 ti.
  10. It's a good build. I really am wondering why the huge PSU though. You could almost power 3 GTX 760's with that PSU.... Did I miss something and you are planning to go SLI in the future? Even with GTX 760 sli though, you won't need anything more than a 750.
  11. Sounds like plenty of discussion has already been going on in regards to CPU/GPU/Mobo/HDD/SSD, so I'll touch on PSU. These days if you are running a single GPU and gaming, you won't need more than a good quality 650w PSU. Just an FYI. Save you some $$.
  12. Final Fantasy 7 Total Annihilation Warcraft 2 X-wing vs Tie Fighter Resident Evil 2 Manhunt
  13. Sounds like most questions have already been answered, so I'll answer the PSU question. The HX650 will be more than enough for any single GPU at stock voltages. You'll even have headroom for CPU overclocking.
  14. oh, yea. Most of the Audi's have that. I think it's called S-tronic or something... but yea, instant shifts with the paddle shifters. Quite impressive. I still prefer a manual though.
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