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  1. We can try install the new latest mobo chipset driver and reboot. The new chipset driver and provide a clear better platform for the devices to work on and runs more smoothly. Also, install the latest driver for the video card next and install all the required hotfix that may comes with the video card disc. Hope this helps. Bill Tech Manager, WPTinc.
  2. I would suggest we take the Bios battery away for a few minutes. The long beeps sometimes may also indicating the CPU is not able to initialize as well. Try clean the RAM pins with the paper rubber. This can provide a better connection. Seems to me the mobo is more likely faulty to me. Please be carefull not to letting the mobo base touching any metal chase area or pushing the power connector to the mobo to hard. I have seem a few mobo shorted this way. Hope this helps. Bill Tech Mananger, WPTinc.
  3. Try install the latest mobo chipset driver first and reboot on the computer. Even there is no cautions marked in the device manager, the mobo chipset driver may not showing any warning message at all. We have to manually install the chipset driver and must reboot once. Also install the latest network card driver on the mobo next. Hope this helps. Bill Tech Manager, WPTinc.
  4. We may try use a cotton stick to get some medical use alcohol to clean the RAM slot pins. Just need to make sure wait for the alochol to dry out completely before installing the RAMs and power on the computer again. Hope this helps. Bill Tech Manager, WPTinc.
  5. Please make sure the 4/6pins for video power connector is also connected on the mobo as well. 400W power supply seems a little inadequate. stated 400w most of time is only 300+w only. For large gaming, the peak voltage comsumption may not enough. Hope this helps. Bill
  6. Try install the latest mobo chipset driver follow by a reboot. The new chipset driver can provide a better environment for the pheripheral devices including the USB. Hope this helps. Bill
  7. I would suggest we check the CPU for the overheated issues. Try check the docking cooling system. Clean the FAN and heatsinks to make sure the airvent duct is not stuck by the dust. If still the same problem, try reset Bios default, disable all startup apps using the 'msconfig' command, reboot. This is try to help making sure no startup apps causing the unexpected shutdown or causing the system to run hotter than necessary. Hope this helps. Bill
  8. Check the computer internal drives data cable and power cable. Remove the Bios small battery away for few minutes. Hope this helps. Bill
  9. Try 'Msconfig' command and see if the app is still on the startup options. Hope this helps. Bill Tech Manager.
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