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    CPU- i7-4770K
    HSF- Noctua NH-D14
    Mobo- Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H
    Memory- 16GB (4x4GB) Corsair DDR3-1866
    HD1- Sansung 840 Pro Series 256GB
    HD2- WD 2TB Black
    GPU- x2 EVGA 780 3GBs
    Sound Card- Asus Xonar Phoebus
    Case- NZXT Phantom 820
    PSU- Corsair AX860i Platinum


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  1. As an American and someone who grew up with parents in the military, we should not go into Syria. Listen, the Middle East has been unstable since the beginning of time and it's not going to settle down any time soon. There's no need to be sticking our noses in something that not our business. There's plenty of things to do in the borders. We have national spending at an all-time high and the national debt has never been higher. We have a borderline tyranical government that is trying to impede on our rights. Illegal immigration is at an all-time high. In my opinion, America shouldn't be involved in anything that is our business. We need to stop trying to make sure the world is OK and start worrying about our own people.
  2. Yes, the H100i is an amazing cooling system, but I think I want to get started building my own custom loops. I think I could get a much higher clock rate out of my new Haswell processor. I also want to start making my own custom loops so I have the knowledge and experience. Anyway, I pretty much got what red said with the cooler master excalibur fans. The total came out to be about $825 including shipping. Thanks again for all your guys help. -trixter108
  3. Yea I listen to a lot of music, but not on my gaming rig. I usually plug my iPhone into my speaker system. So I guess I'll go with the Zx. Thanks for the help! -trixter108
  4. Thanks. There's a lot of good information in there. I didn't know that using a aluminum in a copper loop would corrod the metal. It makes sense though. As for the case, I really enjoy it, but I am willing to part with it if it means better cooling and better overall performance. I'll probably go with the Cooler Master fans you suggested because I've actually used a couple of those in an old air-cooled build and they work fantastic. If I were to part with my case, what about an Obsidian 550 or 650D? I've used a Corsair case, just not an Obsidian. Again, thanks for the information. -trixter108
  5. I'm interested in adding a sound card to the gaming rig in my sig. I'm not very good with sound cards as this is only the second one I've been looking to purchase. I was having a look at the Creative Labs ZXR and was wondering how it performed. I'm getting tired of stock sound and want to upgrade to a nice card. Is this one any good? If not, what other brands and cards are good? The rig I'm putting it in is the gaming system in my sig. All help will be greatly appreciated. -trixter108
  6. Ok, like I said, I'm a noob to watercooling. I didn't initially realize that it was that expensive. That was just a general budget I was hoping to get. I guess that's not the case. Yes, the rig I want to cool is the one in my sig. I can go up to a max of about $850-1000 at the moment, which, I hope, is more than enough. I was thinking a Swiftech MCR220-XP for the radiator or would I need a triple or even quad radiator? How about a XSPC Raystorm for the my CPU block? I had those in mind, but I have no idea for the res or pump. Like I said, my max budget is $1000 on a full loop, but I don't need the RAM cooled. -trixter108
  7. Hey OOC, I'm looking to finally get rid of my H100i and replace it with a custom water loop that cools the CPU and GPU. My build is in my sig. I've read the sticky on watercooling loops and have done some shopping around online. I'm a noob to custon loops and I figures the best thing to do next was post here asking for help. I already know where I want to mount things in my case. The absolute max I'd like to spend would be $1000. So, all you experts, I ask you for some suggestions on what items to buy. -trixter108 PS. While I was shopping online I saw a brand called xs-pc. Their components looked good, but I'm no expert so you guys tell me if their any good or not.
  8. Just finished a 6 hour marathon of BF3. I feel like the biggest nerd on the planet right now.

    1. Indevious


      That's because your are! :P

    2. bishop245


      6 hours aint nuttin I have played atleast 16 hours straight a few times lol

  9. None. Why would I need a console if I have a beast gaming PC? If I want to use a controller, I'll break out my Logitech F710 Wireless. If I want to couch game on my TV, I'll plug my PC into my TV via an HDMI cable. I am curious about the touchpad Sony put their DualShock4 though.
  10. Looks like a solid build. I too use pcpartpicker.com and I have saved so much money. It gives you the lowest price for each of your components. My only suggestion is a SSD if you can afford it. Even a small one will hold your OC and a few programs and games. Everything else you can put on the HDD. You really do see a difference between using a mechanical hard drive and a SSD. If you can't afford at the moment, make it one of your first upgrades. I'm telling you, you get so much better performance speed wise out of your games with a Solid State Drive. Anyway, solid looking build. Let me know it turns out. -trixter108
  11. When I said "a while" I meant from about the time it has come out. It feels like I've had this computer for way longer because I had all the parts except for the CPU two weeks before the launch. Sorry if I mislead you. Isn't it obvious? I'm located in a galaxy far,far away. LOL, JK. I'm in the states.
  12. potatochobit, I just finished a word processing and general internet surfing PC for my grandmother. Despite all my objections, she insisted upon having Win8 on it. That was the first time I have ever used a copy of Win8 and it was a nightmare setting it up. They changed so much about it.
  13. No plans to put it underwater as of yet. I was actually thinking of upgrading to a 256GB SSD for more space. I can't think of any other component upgrades until new parts hit the market except for faster RAM. I could always upgrade peripherals, but I'm satisfied with what I have here. I could put it aside and start working on system for "client". There's sooo many choices. Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. -trixter108
  14. True, he was stupid for posting something like that. It was "distasteful and thoughtless" as the article says. I do think it went to far. It was clearly a joke and jokes like these go around everyday on every social networking site. I mean, people make threats all the time on XBox Live and PSN! It's the internet. Still, it was idiotic of him to say that. Just be careful what you pt out on the internet. It could get you put in prison with a $500,000 fine. -trixter108
  15. Looks great! Solid components and awesome cable management as far as I can tell. Congrats on the build. Hope your friend likes it! -trixter108
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