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  1. Hi , The Corsair RAM work fine in my EPoX 8RDA+ and fine in my Lan Party 875P , and i can get the board to run Single channel with 1 or 2 of the RAM modules . It's only when i try them in Dual Channel that i get this result "monitor wont come on " just like a bad overclock. Bye the way ,,, i run an Athlon 3000+ in it and it wont overclock AT ALL. Not even by like 2 MHz ;(#
  2. Hi , I cant get my 2 x 256mb Corsair XMS PC-3200 to run in dual channel on my nf7-s rev 2.0 ? I have 2 x 256mb Geil PC-3200 and they work in dual channel fine. Everytime i put the Corsair in the monitor wont come on ? can anyone help with this ?
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