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  1. BTW We have offroad meets usually once a month here in San Antonio We use the site to set them up and we also like to share pics and videos of the event, we have a video and pic section, pic gallery/showcase and friendly members and staff If you are from another state, feel free to join and invite other people locally as it is a great tool for setting up meets When you join we will give you a catagory (if requested, and provided you are from a state not represented) for you and your local friends/members to utilize for setting up meets, post pics and such When you jon and become a mod of your state, you will become a "OffroadJunkie" of that state Example: we are "OffroadJunkies of San Antonio" All that is required is that you follow the rules, membership is free so do take advantage and be the first to request a catagory for your locale and you can be a moderator of that catagory and all other forums under it with all the privileges it comes with...remember...membership is free please dont ask to be a mod if you are not currently, or wanna become an active offroader our site is Http://www.offroadjunkies.net
  2. My Wrangler (offroad toy) TJs rock...
  3. i would like to have on of those, probaly never really drive it though My Wrangler (offroad toy) the only mods i did to it so far were the tires, offroad lights and nerf bars
  4. i have a 7800gt and want more it is pretty good still... but i want more for Rainbow six Vegas should I get another 7800gt (refurb for $129) and go SLI? or wait ang get a 8800 FTX. The price is far from $129 and I would rather pay that then get a 8800. Would I see much of a performance difference? Any suggestions?
  5. i agree what he did was stupid as heck and i for one have no simpathy for someone who takes their own life i will get down from my soap box now thank you
  6. he guys anyone here know of a good (cheap) legal download site to download mp3
  7. man you guys make things so complicated... if you wanna run a cool processor just pour cold ice water on the cpu from time to time
  8. try http://www.ocforums.com/ i also reside there
  9. because the computer i am gonna use is too slow for anything good it is Intel 400 mhz with 128 mb ram and i tried the site cybergrunt said earlier but i cant figure out what to use on it
  10. i dont have a Floppy drive and want to install ME does anyone know how to make a bootable disc for this?
  11. i say stop being a pansy he made a commitment and he need to stick with it so tell him to grow balls and be a man!
  12. the only problem i have with BF2 (i love it by the way) is that there are little bastards that get you to kill them, by like jumping in front of your jeep ,or onto your chopper, or place land mines in front of your tank so that you will have to back up and then run behind you... they do this so thst they can punish you!! so that they may have better stats then you thus being the higher scorer by the way your just getting HL2? man i finished that in three days and that was 3 days after it was availble but yes the graphics are far better in HL2
  13. contra33


    well pull up a chair and have a seat eat all the free nuts you can, but dont spit on the floor
  14. i have one just like it but black... it is nice but small
  15. i dont have an answer but i removed it then put it back and then it workrd fine thing are strange sometimes it was the last thing i would have thought of because of the HSF pressure like he said
  16. well he knocked the CPU loose how i dont know that was the only thing i didnt check i removed it the put it back and now everything work great again i have started it and re-started it many times and i am gonna run a stress test to make sure it is stable but it was just HIM being dumb!
  17. well i removed the ram and put it back video card,all power cables and even tried another PSU i will try the CPU on another machine
  18. i just sold my AMD 2500+ with a MSI MOBO working great, extremly trouble free! to my cousin i had it for a long time and switch out the HS,fan,video card etc. many times (always with my wrist strap) and never had 1 problem and when i say many times i mean about 40 give or take i used two different water cooling kits and many different HSF it was my experiment cpu i used it latley for linux well he gets it home and calls me up and says it wont post well either he screwed it up by touching the inside and shocking it or something or he screwed it up by puting it in his trunk! either way he will want his money back and i will be without a Fully functional computer...nice!
  19. i have (in mt sig) an agp setup i wanna go PCI express with DFI i think i chose a good board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136152 but what card to choose? i want something equil or better than what i have is it possible for under $250? obviously it needs to be sli capible but is the x800 gonna give me better proformance than what i got? if not suggestions? thanks guys
  20. contra33

    Your Best Online Game

    back when Diablo 2 was new it was that but now it is BF2
  21. it has nothing to do with race it has to do with lazy people (i mean people who live off the government) it doesnt matter if they are mexican,white,black or asian if you are lazy and dont (not cant!) but dont wanna do for yourself you get into a "funk" and everyone else is responsible for YOU! that is what the article is about not RACE although in this case it was mostly black but it could have happened in Corpus and been mostly mexican or in Miami and been mostly white or Cuban it isnt a race thing it is a "living off the government, and being lazy thing"
  22. hahahahahahah i was thinking the same thing and i said it to many people but i was told to stop being an A$$ or predjudice lol...
  23. wow my Antec has the same selling points as this case lol i can even put dual power supply in it that is a nice looking case but nothing spectacular
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