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  1. ya they do but i dont think they will honor mine as i overclocked it. and to add more to the badness a screw on the heatsink broke it still had solid contact with the gpu but they will be able to get out of the warranty i think but im in the process of trying to make a claim. and on the ati. it scares me.
  2. now im stuck with an ati 7500 from god knows when. i dont got the money to build a new pc but dont wanna uber lag in games withe the same graphics as pong. anyone got any suggestions for a cheep cheep cheep video card that will play wow good. thats really the only game i play mainly. this one plays it but im not satisfied. ive looked on newegg and just wanna know if anyone knows of anything else that would be better on a very tight budget. LesterRuckfort
  3. dude federal min wage is 5.15
  4. ok i tried that its on its own ide bay and it has a brand new cable. and i still have the same issue.
  5. Ok my sig is up to date btw. ive been having problems with my cdrw for awhile now and cant figure it out. i cant burn cd's bu can rip them to the hard drive and load games and use every aspect of the drive but the writing part. i thougt the drive was bad at first and replaced it with a brand new one. i have the exact same symptoms. it just gives me an error and cancles the burn. it does it in all the burning programs ive tried also. im thinkin my powersupply might be the issue. its a 450watt modle. i cant figure it out.....
  6. I found them a few years ago also and they were great!! they added a lot more story to the doom series and are worth picking up if u like sci-fi/horror books.
  7. i recently did the same thing and used some black carpet from wal-mart. it truned out really nice and was under 15 bucks.
  8. lesterruckfort

    Gw Or Wow

    i would say wow but i have never played gw. isent gw free? i dont know if im right but thats what i have herard. if thats the case then i would say both
  9. he said it way back when i was just born. the quote has been up on the little box in the upper right here before. i think he really said it
  10. now u need to reverse it. women always forget stuff and need to go back in. woman- who know mabey sombody returned that cute braw they were out of my size the firs time!!!!
  11. SWEET!!!! i cant wait to try the honor system out. i think this is gonna be an awsome patch. just hope nothing happens like last time *knock on wood*
  12. i think i paid 180 for my 1800+ and mobo way back when i got it new. lower it and it will sell
  13. What in the world does that have to do with linux??
  14. lesterruckfort

    Doom3: Roe

    i bought it yesterday i think its great. dont know about the new "Doom Guy" kinda disapointed about the new guy. sotra like the metal gear solid 2 let down......other then that its a great game i just got stuck on the phobos labs 2 boss. this ones not as scarry either.
  15. venice is the new athlon 64 core to replace the winchester core out now. san diego is the new athlon 64 FX core to replace the clawhammer. the newcastle is the old athlon 64 core based on the 13 NM build before the winchester and its .90 NM.
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