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    I love Building, fixing and modifying PCs.<br />Sci-fi, Fantasy, Simpsons, AMD, Gaming and singing.<br />I am always up for meeting new people who share my interests so I can continue learning and growing as a computer geek!
  1. Symeon

    Ah! Bought Os... Won't Work! Help

    Try reinstalling and deleting the old partition and creating a new one, when promted to format choose NTFS format not quick NTFS format. If that still does not work try a different hard drive.
  2. Symeon


    Try pressing F8 during post to get the advanced boot options. Then select "Last Known Good Configuration." If it is a registry problem this might fix it with no data loss. This will load the computer from the last time you logged in successfully. If that does not work try asking a friend to let you plug the drive in to their system as a slave and copy your data, then reformat and reinstall. Look at it this way at least the drive tries to boot.
  3. Symeon

    Microsoft 70-270

    I just took this test about 3 weeks ago. I used the most recent 70-270 Microsoft Press Book which includes all you need to know about supporting XP service Pack 2. These books have come a long way and are now great resources in the field as well as for test preparation. The test is 50 questions give or take and covers much more than desktop support. You should be comfortable with IIS 6.0 setup for XP, Group Policy, supporting legacy clients Win9x and NT 4.0, and changes to the XP environment when joined to a Domain. Unfortunately the test has very little to do with the book (that's Microsoft for you ). The book gives you the knowledge that you need in the workplace and the test picks on a lot of stuff that is not even covered in the book mainly how legacy machines interact in a Windows 2003 domain. I will however say that if you purchase a practice test you MUST use the ones from www.Actualtest.com. The questions are drawn from the actual test pool. I did not belive it myself until I actually sat down to take the test. WORD for WORD. Now the catch is that the practice exam is a pool of 184 questions that are randomly drawn by the test so you need to at least be comfortable with all the questions on the practice exam so you can feel good going into the test. you need a 700 out of 1000 and I scored a 923 using this test. I am currently getting ready to take the 70-290 test which has over 400 questions in the pool so be prepared if you are going for an MCSA or MCSE; It only gets worse.
  4. Symeon

    Mini-putt - Whats Ur High Score

    I got a 54! Holes 8 and 14 took 7 strokes each for me, ouch! I did get 6 holes in one though! PS: Sorry, the picture was saved wrong
  5. Symeon

    My Latest Addiction

    That is really cool! It makes me wich I could draw
  6. Symeon

    Computer Programmer Or Serial Killer?

    Scored 7/10, I learned 2 things though: 1. I never new Russia had so many demented psychopaths. 2. It is scary how much some programmers look like serial killers.
  7. Symeon

    Age Of Empires Lll - Wow !

    Wow! Great to see that they are making some much needed visual improvments to the real-time strategy genre. I bet you it will be 5 discs and take 4GB of disk space.
  8. Symeon

    Ie Question?

    Make sure that you have most recent updates for Windows and preferably service pack 2 if you are running windows XP as it has new features to control Active-X downloads and the pop-up blocker works great. The key is good AV software no matter what you run. I use Norton or Mcafee and I have heard great things about Panda but have never tried it myself. If you don't want to pay for it you can check out AVG but I have had mixed results with free AV programs.
  9. Symeon

    Google Web Accelerator Works

    What kind of connection do you have, Cable or DSL?
  10. Symeon

    Re-installing Windows

    If your are going to reinstall you have to think of it as starting over from scratch. The best thing to do is make a list from Add/Remove programs of all the software on your computer that you plan to reinstall after you reformat and reinstall windows. Make sure that you have all of the installation disks for the programs that you want to reinstall from your list. Then you burn all of the program save data like: documents, games save, MPEG, MP3 etc. and burn them to a disk for reinstallation later. Once you are sure you have everything you want (double check because there is no going back!) from the list boot from the Windows CD, delete the existing partitions, reformating and create new partitions and install windows. Go down you list and install all of the progams from your installation disk stack and then move your data over to the reinstalled system. Sometimes it helps to make notes in notepad detailing the correct path for certain programs saved data. i.e. some games keep save files in the C:\Documents and Settings folder and some games place then in the folder of the install directory. The good thing is after this process you also have a current backup of your system should anything go wrong. good luck
  11. Symeon

    Sober E-mail Worm Making The Rounds...

    Amen to that!
  12. Symeon

    Zonealarm & Avg

    Of course I have a hardware firewall and Norton Corporate 9.0, I was just referring to a replacement for Zone Alarm software firewall. Never had a virus or trojan get past my defenses! mycoolweb almost did but MS Anti-Spyware removed it in safe mode after one pass. Besides if you know how to configure firewalls Windows Firewall does the same thing as Zone Alarm as far as Stealth ports and ICMP echo requests just not be default. Zone Alarm just looks prettier and has more bells and whistles.
  13. Symeon


    Here is the path to your host files if you are using WinXP. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc You should find hosts lmhost.sam Open these files using notepad, making sure that you uncheck the box to always use this program to open, and check to make sure that there are now addresses or urls that are not remed out "#" or excluded from the code. I always like to keep clean host files on at thumb or hard drive so I can just copy and paste over the hijacked ones. I you have another computer that you know is not infected you could try this method instead of having to edit the files. I sounds like you have it pretty bad though so back-up as much as you can and be prepared to reinstall.
  14. Symeon

    Zonealarm & Avg

    Can't you just add any AVG processes/services to the allow list in Zone Alarm even though it does not recognize it as Anti-Virus software? You could always just get rid of Zone Alarm, in my experience Windows Firewall (SP2) and the Beta version of Microsoft anti-spyware have kept me secure.
  15. Has anybody experienced this issues with the 2500 mobile. The processor works fine never had any problems with it. However the BIOS and windows say "unrecognized" under CPU type. CPU-Z says that it is an AMD mobile processor but does not give the model. ??? I have the lastes drivers for my motherboard (Abit NF7-S ver2) but I have not updated the BIOS.