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    Pootas, OCing, Wogboxs, chicks, modding, chicks, LAN Partays, Mega Babes, ohhh, and did i mention attractive females??
  1. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Just added 8 Core Xeon 2.53Ghz Processor...

    ran qd in the command line, which reports each core should be good for 288 ppd... So 288x8 ...=~2300ppd...?? Although in the initial stages i was mucking around a fair bit with the VM, so that could rise (initially)...
  2. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Security Scans

    Never. When i was on windows - also never. And just before i went to ubuntu i did a scan - and got nothing
  3. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Just added 8 Core Xeon 2.53Ghz Processor...

    absolutely no idea. I started it up about 20 minutes ago though, and its 5% through 8 units...
  4. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Just added 8 Core Xeon 2.53Ghz Processor...

    any benchmarks to run under linux?? The VM on this machine for folding is running Ubuntu 9.04 Server The Server itself is running ESXi 4, and its fairly alright
  5. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Just added 8 Core Xeon 2.53Ghz Processor...

    Hey all... Justh thought I'd let you lot know that I finally got my new server here at work... So to celebrate, until i commission the darn thing, it'll be folding 24x7 at full capacity, and once it is commissioned, it will be doing so out of business hours... Hopefully I can get my score up a little
  6. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Sure it works, but why?

    It doesn't. Its all a figment of you imagination... WE are all figments of your imagination. Sorry to disappoint, OP
  7. shibby_geek_guy_69

    WDSL To Be Made Available In My Area

    On the contrary to roar-runner, i have a friend on wireless and her latency is absolutely fantastic....
  8. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Nation's Best Burgers!

    Last time i was in the USA, I only spent time in major centres on the east coast, and LV. As such, i only really got to try burgers from a few of the major outlets... Wendy's, McDonalds, FuddRuckers... I did, however...have the BEST burger in a little restaurant in Vegas... Couldn't tell you the name though... Also had one of the best Sandwiches (Sub) at what seemed to be a franchise type place, in washington (And i saw a few more in New York, possibly one in Florida too...) But i Couldn't tell you the name of the place... Ah... I'll have to go and dig up some photo's now Oh, and Taco Bell is a Pretty Cool Guy. Eh made me foods when i was in Florida and doesn't afraid of anything...
  9. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Booting from USB on older computer

    what're you trying to boot?? http://www.pendrivelinux.com/use-a-floppy-...pendrive-linux/
  10. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Redoing cluttered server room

    I've found books useless. But then again, I also failed at school, never went to University/college blah blah blah. I'm a hands on guy. What do you want to do? Dare say your requirements wont be all that elaborate, and solutions for your problems will be more/less off the shelf anyway...
  11. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Redoing cluttered server room

    I still don't understand why you wouldn't be able to run the cable yourself, but I'm not in your locale, and dont know its rules. Still better off to have a hardline between the two, even if you have to pay a contractor to do it... Get in contact with the management company and see if they have somebody that regularly looks after the place... What if you ran Fibre? Then you wouldn't be making a connection from one end to the other?? *bad advice below here, but its still facts. I'm sticking to my guns and saying you NEED a hardline* You could get away with wireless using directional antennae on each ap, but its NOT WORTH THE TIME/RISK
  12. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Samsung Monitor Fix

    I myself will be trying the same fix on another monitor when i get off my lazy behind and do it....
  13. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Home Network Setup

    As far as the fileserver setup goes, have you installed ubuntu Server or Desktop edition? Since you're coming from a windows platform, I would be tempted to send you on the Desktop edition route, purely for ease of configuration reasons (For a windows person ) I'd suggest either: a) Configuring one of the SCSI drives to be an ordinary disk, and the rest to be RAID 5, or b) Throwing in another ordinary drive on top of the SCSI drives already there... So that you have your operating system on a completely separate physical volume, for performance reasons. Not sure where, but there is a configuration utility (GUI) somewhere in ubuntu to configure Samba, and last I checked, it was pretty intuitive and self explanatory... Configure your shares for anonymous or guest access and your set
  14. shibby_geek_guy_69

    Worst Car Accident..

    I fell asleep at the wheel once and woke up sideways with enough time to see the telegraph pole coming at me... 15 minutes later with the slide hammer and my car was "Driveable"