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  1. This is probably a dumb question but I need to make sure. I have a Lacie 2tb Quadra Raid hard drive set up as a raid 0 through eSATA. I want to reload my windows 7 and start fresh but I already have stuff on the drive. If I reload the OS will the raid stay intact when I plug it into the newly reloaded win7 or will I lose all my data on that drive? Thanks, Michael
  2. Hello all, I have spent a good couple hours now researching overclocking my motherboard and I just can't seem to find any good info on doing it without killing my machine. I am not looking to overclock to 4GHz like everyone is, I just want to boost my speed and maintain stability. I was thinking something around 3.2GHz to 3.5GHz. Anyways, here are my machine stats: Asus P6T Deluxe V2 i7 920 2.6GHz Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600 3x2GB Zalman 600W PSU Now my case doesn't have the GREATEST cooling but it is pretty good. I have sort of a wind tunnel thing in my case that helps direct a lot of air over the CPU. So, how about it, does anyone have a good starting point or a similar configuration they can share. Thanks!
  3. so the 600 watts should be good enough, i dont want to fry anything or get sluggish operating?
  4. i am going to be upgrading and wanted to get everyone's opinion on what a good power supply is for the new i7 quad cores. i will have: i7 bloomfield 2.66ghx 6gb xms3 ram asus p6t deluxe mobo nvidia quadpro fx-370 video card, possibly two 2 hard drives in the case, sata 80gb, and two in a seperate case as a raid with their own psu one blu ray burner i think that's about it. the power supply i have now is the ZALMAN ZM600-hp and was hoping to just keep it. Seems to be a great PSU. here's a link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...LMAN%20ZM600-HP will this power supply be good for this system? thanks
  5. i did and then it changed from saying only 2GB in BIOS to 4GB and 0MB appropriated. windows still says only 2GB. the option in BIOS says to switch to memory remap for 64 bit OS.
  6. lets see if i can remember lol...i think it is an nvida quadro something or other.... its a video card that is supposed to be good with 3d rendering such as 3d cad programs. i think it is 256mb too the quadro fx 370 i believe
  7. so it might be using the other stick but not showing it. i never new windows had a limit on how much ram. do you know how much windows 200 pro limits to because i am debating just going back to that because i have that cd. i don't want to fork out 170$ for vista just yet.
  8. i have a Asus P5H DH Deluxe motherboard running WinXP 32-bit Home Version i believe. my mother board says it can support up to 8GB RAM. so after 2GB not cutting it anymore, i decided to upgrade to 4GB(2X2GB). i went to the corsair website and found out that the TWIN2X4096-6400DHX memory works with my motherboard(according to corsair). i installed the memory and in BIOS it recognizes all 4GB but only says that 2GB is appropriated and available. in windows, it also says only 2GB is being used. i have the newest BIOS and all windows updates. i also tried the PAE add on by adding /PAE to the end of the boot.ini file but all that seemed to do is add the words "Physical Address Extension" to the properties under my computer. can someone please explain why it is not showing the memory? thank you, mike
  9. i wanted to get one of those rack mount cases that have a bunch of bays for sata drives to be set up as a multilane case. the only problem is that these cases are like $500 without hard drives. i came up with an idea of just buy an empty rackmount server case and filling it will hard drives. here is the case i chose. server case. i figured if i purchased this, multilane adapter, and put it in both the server case and my computer case it would be a means of connecting the two. then i would just buy this, power bypass adapter. and a cheap 300 watt or so power supply and i would be good to go. my questions is: is this right what i have thought of? will there be any problems i haven't foreseen? is there a better way of doing this? do i need a motherboard in there or not? so pretty much i see it as just a huge external drive enclosure. i would turn it on and off with a switched power strip i have on my rack. will this hurt the hard drives if i turn them off like this, even if i turn the computer off first? thank you for all the future help. mike
  10. i have the ASUS P5W DELUXE MOBO and it says it supports up to 1066/800 FSB. I want to get the core 2 duo e6750 which says it has a 1333 FSB. will this processor not work in my board.? on a side note. what speed does my ram have to be to get 1066 FSB? thank you, mike
  11. okay so i found something that explains the terms. it seems i should go with an eSATA multilane enclosure. my next question is on the RAID arrays. the motherboard i have is an ASUS p5w DH deluxe. here is a snap shot of some info on the board Intel ICH7R South Bridge: * 1 x UltraDMA 100/66/33 * 3 x Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s with Intel
  12. i am new to this SATA and eSATA techology. i was hoping some of you could clear things up. eSATA vs SATA II? what is the difference? multilane? what does this mean and do? multipler? is this better than multilane? if i have 4 hard drives and wish to have 2 RAID 0 arrays, will the eSATA multilane still beable to do this?
  13. i have a bunch of external hard drives that have that power adapter that has a huge box in the middle of the cable. is there anything out there that can plug into all your hard drives that would eliminate the need for those bulky power adapters?
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