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  1. Bishop245 sent me this in a PM because I made a thread asking how to configure my router to work with WinMX: "Rule 6. Absolutely NO warez links, requests, discussions, or suggestions. Don't even hint around about it. This includes cracks, serial numbers, download links, etc. The same goes for pornographic material, drugs, or any other illegal activities. - OverclockersClub will not be held responsible for your actions. Any more post like this and i will rase your warn level to 10% and suspend your account for 30 days" I asked about how to configure my modem for WinMX which, in my opinion, doesn't fall under any of those categories. It isn't warez, I wasn't asking for a crack, serial number, download links, etc. I didn't ask for porno, drugs or anything illegal. All I asked was HOW TO CONFIGURE MY MODEM for it. I didn't ask if it was a good program to get warez from. We know what it's for. So basically I can't make a thread asking what everyone's opinion is on marijuana or other illegal drugs? I didn't ask where I could score some weed or E, just asking about it.
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    Well ain't that some BS.
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    Where's my DNA strand and my banner options? I understand the DNA strand can take awhile because the server only checks once or twice a week but I don't see my banner options when I edit my sig. Oh yea, I asked in another thread but no one could help, I'm running one instance of [email protected] version 5 and I want to run two instances so I can use 100% CPU since I'm only using 50% right now. How do I do that? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the link, but that really doesn't answer my question. Version 5 only allows me to run one instance at 50% CPU when before I could run 2 instances of ver. 4 and use 100% CPU... I tried installing ver. 5 again but named the folder differently than the first, and even renamed the .exe file but it still tells me I can only run one instance. Anybody?
  5. So I install it again but in a different folder, then change the .exe name? *Edit* Tried that, didn't work.
  6. Thanks Well, like I said I'm running one instance of version 5. I tried running ver.5 andone instance of ver. 4 to get 100% CPU usage. Only thing is, when I look at ver.4 DOS-prompt it says I haven't completed any frames while ver.5 says I've completed 8. Do they not work in conjuction? How do I get 2 instances of ver.5 running so I can fold faster?
  7. How come I can only run one instance of version 5? It's only running 50% CPU...with version 4 I could run 2 instances and get 100% CPU.
  8. Yes, I am running a P4 2.8GHz with HT I believe. Ok, I'm running 2 instances of it, cool. Where can I get version 5? Ok, I made a shortcut of the FAH4console.exe and added -queueinfo in the shortcut properties and when I double-click the shortcut to start it, it pops open a DOS window like normal, but then closes right away. What gives?
  9. Hey thanks How do I get a little icon in the system tray instead of the DOS window on the bar? Ok, in the Windows task manager on the processes tab I see a FahCore_65.exe running at 50CPU, is that right?
  10. After I installed it, a DOS window popped up and started working I guess. I chose for it not to be run in the background, but run in the taskbar. So if I close it, it will stop working? I thought it meant that I will get a little icon in the taskbar, which is what I wanted. I don't want it on the bar if you know what I'm describing. Also, I updated my sig but it isn't showing my banner. What gives?
  11. dang, I haven't seen one of those in awhile. I remember those when I had a 486, 386, 286 and even my Commodore 64
  12. Hey guys...sale is pending right now to Big Jun since he replied and PMed me first Heh, it's not that I don't like replying to PMs, it's just that I work and stuff and don't check this forum everyday...my bad
  13. TTT...buyer backed out so it's still for sale... $35 shipped. First one who sends payment out gets it
  14. Um, I don't remember. All I did was Google the name of the sound card and I found a site that was selling it for that much.
  15. MartyMcfly, sorry but I'm just looking for some extra gas money, I'm a little broke right now and my V8 is killing me. Maybe some other time Msdr250 offered me $45 shipped so if he wants it, it's his. Next in line would be Byron. I know about that little ordeal with that kid ripping some of you off with Paypal awhile back and if it makes you feel comfortable, I'm not looking to rip anyone off. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay and if it is THAT big of a deal to you, Ayokona seems like a trusted member on this site and he lives in Northridge which is 15 minutes away from me. If he doesn't have a problem being a mediator or whatever I will be more than happy to do that. And yes, the sound card works. I wouldn't try to sell it if it didn't.
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