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  1. So they are actually ran off this chip thing? since the guy in the shop does talk out of his back side sometimes. Sound is fine, HDD doesn't appear to be slower, if anything, faster. O_o Just network and front USB ports.
  2. Yes but why just these 2 things? Why would it make the ethernet port do this? Seems a bit weird.
  3. Hello, Recently my PSU blown and since then, my cases front panel USB ports don't function and my ethernet port has been going down ever since. A guy in a shop said the USB 2.0 and ethernet is controlled by a southbridge chip that could be damaged or something. Anyway, my ethernet port keeps disconnecting and reconnecting almost so it isn't usable, this isn't an NIC card, I am using the onboard solution which has been working great until the PSU blow. The port will also not detect any cable unless I switch it to 10Mbps any duplex and I have tried disabling the energy saving garbage for the connecting issue, also it does stop disconnecting and reconnecting when I keep trying to use it, but this does take a while and does it again once PC is rebooted. I have tried the ethernet on a new O.S and it still locks at 10 BUT the disconnecting and reconnecting issue was not present when I did this so I have not tried it, could this be an issue getting worse as I keep trying it? I have refrained from buying a NIC card because if it is this chip or my MOBO itself, I am best paying for a new MOBO. MOBO is ASUS M5A78L-M/USB, please bare in mind this was fine before PSU incident so don't tell me it's because it is Realtek or ASUS, because it isn't. I have tried my ethernet setup on a laptop and I get my full speed without any connecting issues or speed caps. How could a PSU blow just blow these 2 things? Is it because life is stupid and knows these 2 things can be important?
  4. Hello, Well it has been a very interesting month. My PC came with this 700w PSU which was by CIT which I later found out was budget brand and NOT for intensive use such as gaming. It lasted quite a while then this one time I played GTA IV and my PC just turn off, didn't turn on, and I felt the PSU and it was roasting. Anyway, I replaced this with a Corsair CX 600W and all is good except my case front USB ports are no longer registering, they are getting power but nothing shows up on O.S, took it to a shop, then the back USB 3.0 weren't working but now they are. Also the ethernet worked in that guys shop no problems, but on mine, it will NOT go past 10Mbps any duplex and also keeps flickering on and off. The flickering does not occur when using router > PC ethernet as far as I know but when I use router > switch > PC it flickers, i have noticed it does not do it if i am using something like youtube or downloading for most times. I have an ASUS m5a78l-m/usb3 motherboard and I am using the onboard ethernet. The guy said that ethernet and some USB 2.0 ports are controlled by a southbridge chip that could have blown? Could the switch have some sort of energy saving crap in it that disabled it when its not being used because I have 2 xbox on it and they don't get affected when idling. I have disabled all the wake on and energy saving things in the controller properties. but yeah, the 10Mbps lock is what bothers me most, I have tried on new operating system and still locks regardless of driver version. A PSU blowing can do all this or not? Sorry for long thread xD
  5. Hello, I appear to have fixed it. I had to overclock.. then un-overclock it haha. But now it's at 3.7 when i'm sure FX 4100 is meant to be 3.6 haha. I don't have that program or any that would, but I do have the AMD chipset but it did not install the control centre.
  6. Hello everyone, Not sure where I could of posted this so I posted it here. I have an AMD CPU & recently I noticed it's been a bit slow from time to time. I checked BIOS and Cool & Quiet is disabled, but CPU-Z is saying I get 1.4Ghz when I'm idling, Why won't it disable? I have reset BIOS to defaults, rebooted then re-disabled it and nothing. I have turned it on, rebooted, turned it off again etc. It never used to do this. Any ideas? Thanks
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