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  1. Copper electrode will be positive, zinc is negative. So, twould be necessary to leave the electrodes in and swap the connections to the electrode back and forth. Sadly, I never learned to speak fox... hopefully they speak of things more important than we do.
  2. potatos produce direct current... due to the lack of alternating voltage, overclocking is unlikely. Now, if all you want to do is produce alternating current from a potato battery (or any dc source), your clockrate is limited by how fast you can switch the electrodes back and forth. Of course, a true overclocker does everything manually. By my estimate, with practice, a 3-4 Hz increase could be realistic over short periods of time and increased stability should come with experience. I would suggest a large fan, as well as some water cooling for yourself, however, I doubt 24/7 stability is possible, regardless of the cooling method used. On the plus side, a 3 Hz increase over 0 Hz is technically an increase of infinite percent. The limit of (3/X) as x approaches zero from the right equals infinity. Just don't approach from the left. In that case you would have a decrease of negative infinite percent, and if left that way for too long, risks contributing to an earlier heat death of the universe. note: its been over a decade since calculus, math may be a little rusty.
  3. not sure why everything is garbled, it may have been unsucessful in recovering 100% of the file. Could potentially be open office not cooperating, but it has always treated me well. Never used Recuva, I have heard good things about a program called photorec. It does recover more than just photos, also, dependent on how comfortable you are with linux and the command line, you could try booting up a livecd and using ntfs-undelete. I have used ntfs-undelete before sucessfully, but keep in mind it takes a lil while to learn how to use it, as its command line. Also, its always best to prevent anything writing to the hard drive until you have recovered everything. Good luck.
  4. nd7rmn8

    USB 3

    but my laptop battery is only rated for 48Wh... and my charger only puts out 65W... I look forward to the ensuing hilarity...
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