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  1. My friends and I have a timecapsule that provides us with our internet and routing needs. One of my other housemates has a mac and the other a windows laptop, I also have a windows laptop. Recently I have been experiencing problems with my wireless connection to our network. The connection is constantly dropped to 'limited or no connectivity' and therefore I cannot use the internet. Windows doesn't re-connect and attempting to repair the connection invariably does not work. My housemate with the windows computer experienced a similar problem a week ago or so but it seems to have rectified itself for her. My housemate with the macintosh doesn't experience any problems at all. At the moment the only way for me to use the internet is to use a cable from the timecapsule. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening and how I can sort it out? Was wondering if maybe the wireless on my laptop is simply dying? Thanks
  2. I have a server at home that I can access via SSH and want to start folding on it. I can obviously run folding through an ssh session, but once I close that SSH session the folding stops. Is there a way for me to run the folding programme without it ending when I end the SSH session that I used to start it up? Thanks for any help in advance
  3. I have a laptop that I take to university with me to do all my work on. I built a small FTP server which I leave at home which I backup all my important files from my laptop to once a fortnight or so. At the moment this means me zipping up all the files that I want to backup into an archive and then using an FTP client sending them to the FTP server. This works fine and is a good enough system but I was wondering if there is a piece of software out there that could do this for me automatically. Does anybody know of any such software? Thanks
  4. I had a network drive mapped at home to another of my computers so that i could access the files on it. I have now moved to university but still want to be able to access the resources on this computer. Now i'm thinking that if i put the ip address of my router into the mapping thing then my computer should be able to connect, but i need to tell the router which computer to send the request to and for that i need to know what port all this stuff runs through. Could somebody tell me which port network drive things go through please? Thanks Rob
  5. Hi My friend works at jessops photo printing shop here in the uk and as part of this offer on at the moment he can get anyone 40 free prints at jessops (UK only). He just needs ur full name and e-mail address. So as to be straight with everyone my friend does get money for each e-mail address, but u do get 40 free prints which can't be bad. Post up ur name and e-mail address and i will pass it on for u!
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    I've been folding for well over two years now i think and proudly sit in the top 100. I haven't been around on the forums for a while and have just wondered where the folding specific forum has gone? Also i was wondering what you guys think about putting folding on laptops as my sister has just got one and i was thinking of making it fold whilst it was plugged in, to up my output a little.
  7. I have setup my ftp server and everything on there runs fine, i can use the client software on my laptop to transfer things to and from it over the lan. Eventually i want to be able to transfer things to and from it over the internet from another location. So i went into the router settings and set it to send any ftp requests on ports 20 and 21 to the ip address of the ftp server. Only when i put the external ip address of my router into the client on my laptop i get the following: Status: Connecting to ... Status: Connected with Waiting for welcome message... Response: 220 FTP Server Command: USER robert Response: 331 Please specify the password. Command: PASS *************** Response: 230 Login successful. Command: SYST Response: 215 UNIX Type: L8 Command: FEAT Response: 211-Features: Response: EPRT Response: EPSV Response: MDTM Response: PASV Response: REST STREAM Response: SIZE Response: TVFS Response: 211 End Status: Connected Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: PWD Response: 257 "/home/robert" Command: TYPE A Response: 200 Switching to ASCII mode. Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,6,103,238) Command: LIST Response: 425 Security: Bad IP connecting. Error: Could not retrieve directory listing Status: Disconnected from server now i've tried everything that i can think of and this message hasn't changed. Has anybody got any ideas? I'm using vsftpd as the server side software. Thanks Rob
  8. is it init or rc? i really can't find any sound step by step advice on how to actually edit whichever file it is, these ones are mentioned a lot but i'm not sure exactly which.
  9. I have just built a new rig and installed slackware linux 10.2 on it. I have also installed vsftpd as it will primarily act as an ftp server for me. Obviously i also want to run folding on the machine as it will be on 24/7. How do i go about getting the daemon and folding to run at startup incase the machine does get switched off?
  10. I have just built a new machine purely for the purpose of acting as my FTP server whilst i'm at university. The intention is that i will send backups of my laptop home to my server in order to protect any work i have done in the event that my laptop gets broken or stolen or something. I've installed slackware linux 10.2 onto the new machine and now require some FTP server software to run on it, i would ideally prefer a command line based software, but i need something relatively simple to install and set up. Does anybody have any ideas as to something i could use in this situation? Thanks Rob
  11. lol yeh just managed to figure that out! all is well thanks for you help guys!
  12. so you have 2 hanging out each side? u just force it in?
  13. Ok doing a build and have hit a slight problem everything is in and go to plug in power connector for motherboard to find that motherboard has a 20pin atx power connector and the powersupply has a larger one. can you get converters for these?
  14. yep you have to send the network card a 'magic packet' just download the software from the link hardnrg has given you and that should sort you out.
  15. hey swifty do you have a diskless farm?
  16. usually i have to use a pen cos you can't really sign things and right documents in pencil cos they can kinda get rubbed out. but if i had my way i would use a mechanical pencil all the time cos it feels like ur writing with silk. so go mechanical pencils!
  17. i would suggest that you check out your competition for putting it up. go on ebay now and find out how much of what you are trying to sell is on there (i.e same spec stuff), see how popular it is and whether there is a demand for it.
  18. ok i havent used this software for exactly what you want but it might be worth looking cos it might be possible. I wanted to get the music off my ipod back onto my computer cos my hard disk crashed. there is a program called ephpod you can google it and u shud easily find the site. When you plug ur ipod in it bought up all the music that was on it and i could just save it to my computer. It is possible that it would display photos that were on your ipod as well and let you do the same thing. so try ephpod
  19. what is this computer that you are running. If you are just after performance go with RAID 0 - i'm not sure how many non server motherboards can support RAID 5 anyway unless ur planning to use a RAID controller that u are pluggin in.
  20. mantonr


    lol well lets hope that he doesn't realise too soon cos he's really adding to our teams score!
  21. lol - yeh just pop to the cash machine, i'm sure ur bank manager won't mind u taking that much out!
  22. try putting ur old network card back in and see if you have to go through this procedure then. If you don't have to do this, which by the sounds of it u didn't have to, then i think u've found that the problem is this new cheap network card. You could just try buying a new one if u think that is the problem anyway, they are pretty cheap.
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