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  1. the latest whql, guess its 320.xx or something. now i remember why my bf3 game quit to desktop, suddenly my graphic card just looses connection with my computer, or kind of shuts the 3d rendering down and the 3d gamescreen disappears and i find myself in the desktop, in another game (tower defense) the same happens but the screen just goes black, my 3d seems also to stop working. the rest of my pc does not hang, sound plays and mouse is responsive, any other ideas? btw 580 is not overclocked and i checked the temps they are at full load just 65 degrees celsius so it definitely doesnt get too hot.
  2. I cheered too early, yesterday the problem happened again, suddenly a black screen, computer did not hang. maybe its the graphic card after all. my psu of 1200w should be enough for a single gtx 580? here we go again pfff....
  3. no change in software or hardware recently except of course the usual windows updates. like you guys said maybe my memory modules are aging, just as my trusty i7 rig thx for replies all!
  4. i7 930 - 12 gb 1066 ddr - 160gb intel postville g2 ssd- 2xraptor 600gb 10 k raid 0 - gtx 580 - x-fi fatality 64mb pci - killer nic 2100 - w7 64 - x58 ud7 gigabyte - gt 450 for physx (96 stream proc.) thats the specs
  5. Hi there, i am an avid Battlefield 3 player and the last few weeks my system always crashed to desktop after exactly the same few seconds or minutes in the game. i was baffled by the problem, thought it was the grfx card(gtx 580), cleaned and reinstalled the drivers etc..had an overclock of several months of my i7 930 from 2.8 ghz to 3.8 ghz, so downclocked it to 3.33 and enabled hyperthreading back. reinstalled punkbuster....nothing helped! As a last resort i upped my ddr voltage from 1.54 V to 1.6v and BAM!!, problem solved!!! So my question is now, how come suddenly my ram needs extra voltage??? is it "worn" by the previous overclocks, or is it because it is summer & the temperatures are higher that i suddenly have the increase the voltage to get stability? why only in battlefield i had the problem and not in another game???? im so very curious about this anyone know???
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