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    I'm A Bit Lost (newb)

    I can change the agp freq... Do i want that to match my FSB? As far as the temp goes at idle on cooler days it runs @ 43 c under load doesn't get over 56 on hotter days it runs a little warmer at idle around 46 but still doesn't get over 56.. My multiplier is unlocked, but when i lower the multi below 11 i get a message system failed due to overclocking, and it won't boot at all, i have to hold power till it turns off,and bring it back up jump into the bios quickly and change it back... this is very curious to me since lowering the multiplier is the opposite of overclocking... hmmmm again i am lost LOL
  2. Cuurz

    I'm A Bit Lost (newb)

    I read through the manual and can't find anything about the pci/agp lock... So I can't do anything about that. As far as cooling I have a 80mm exhaust fan, a bit smaller fan blowing in from the front(not sure the size) and the stock fan on the stock heatsink. The case has a vent and port directly over the heatsink to draw fresh outside air into the heatsink. If the agp/pci lock thing is a problem for me can someone help me figure out how to set it correctly? There was no info about it in the mobo manual.
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    I'm A Bit Lost (newb)

    I'm not sure of the brand of power supply, it is 350 watts. At idle asus probe is telling me the voltages are as follows 12.16... 4.97.... 3.36... and 1.76. My memory is kingston, 2 x 512 3200, running in dual channel. My temp under load peaks at 138 F. That is with prime95 running. That seems to be the hardest on the system, when playing Unreal tournament it barely breaks 125. The multi is unlocked. I have played around with it a bit more, and seem to have found stable settings. Right now my cpufreq is set @ 189mhz... I matched the memory to that by choosing the 100% option in my cmos so it is also running @ 189 mhz. As I move the cpu speed up and sown the memory speed is auto adjusted, but it seems to be off at certain freq's. i.e. when i set the cpu to 187mhz the memory ends up @186mhz. There are different combos and some of them match. I found that they match at 189, so I left it. I am getting no boot up errors or prime 95 errors. My computer / properties, is showing it running @ 2.17 Ghz. It came stock at 1.91 ghz, so i am almost 300 mhz over. Is this about all i should expect without buying a bunch of stuff like cooling and power supplies, etc?
  4. I have been reading about OC'ing at alot of different places... I was forced into buying a new mobo and proc, since I screwed up my old one ( nothing to do with oc'ing). I bought an Asus A7N8X-E, with Athalon 2600+ to go in it. Upon trying to bump things up (by what I have read here and there in different site forums), I encountered a few problems. My first problem seems to be errors when stress testing with Prime95. Everything appears fine and no boot up errors with my FSB @ 200 mhz @ 11.5x. Memory (PC3200 DDR 400) set to 200 mhz by speed. Yet when I run prime it shuts down, do to hardware errors. If I lower the FSB or the multiplier I get an error at boot up, and prime still shuts down, although it runs longer before shut down. I have it set back to factory settings now until i can learn more about it. So its @ 166 FSB 11.5 multiplier and my procc is showing 1.92 Ghz in my computer properties. Everything running with no errors. I read the FAQ and it didn't really help my problem. Anyone have any suggestions where I can find help from square 1 to bring things back up? I know it will run faster than this and will do it stable, I just don't think I covered all the bases (probably because I never tried to do this before)