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  1. imho the engine,drivetrain and all other mechanical aspects of a vehicle come first then the body/looks.function over fashion.heh i geuss thats why i own 7 white t shirts,7 grey t shirts and 7 pairs of blue jeans. an old beater 60's model camaro(primer grey) with some rust,flat black rims with no hubcaps (the kind you put your snow tires on) maybe a cracked window or two,a missing head or tail light aswell but then under the hood is were all the money is.thats my kind of car.
  2. get that thing runnin and run a muk.
  3. man it would be funny if i didnt believe it was true. these people have a huge hand on world events and they dont have a lick of uncommon sense.
  4. i also ordered an asus CF mb with the 3200 chipset. the one in my sig got rma but they had no replacement so i bought this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131004 and no i got a single core 3800. man im in agony waiting for this stuff to get here. after the mb in my sig went dead and got rma'd i had to put together my spare parts rig : athlon xp 2600,512 ram and a 9600xt. its killing me. but now that i got it together i may aswell keep it together as a deticated folder.
  5. i just ordered a master card x1800 and a new mother borad for CF i was wondering tho is my cpu will be bottle necking me. its an amd 64 3800. if so what cpu would be recomended?
  6. i just ordered 2 Acellero's one for my x1800xt and also one for the 1800 master card i bought. thanks.
  7. i found a solution to my problem. ati is selling a refurb 1800 master card for 299. i think i may buy it.
  8. dosnt have to be silent. i just had that laying around. i was going to put it on my x800pro but i sold the card. can you recomend any good coolers for x1800xt? i may try to oc it.
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835118216 i believe i mau be able to mount it but i was wondering if it would be suficiant cooling.
  10. man that sucks. i cant find any 1800 crossfire cards anywere.
  11. title sais it all. do i need another 1800 to go with my current x1800xt or can i use a 1900 crossfire card?
  12. white,male age 18-?? you get absolutely no help in this country. mean while minoritys(sp?) sail right by you with all the help in the world.
  13. thats what i was afraid of. i tried the card in both slots and windows wont detect it in either slot. (i only got 2 pci slots) o well its been a few months since my last reformat so what the hay.
  14. i dont have any other pci cards to test the other slots.but i was in my bios and thier is the option to change the irq settings. thiers 9 irq chanells? they are 3,4,5,7,10,11,12,14,15. right now they are all set to pci devices. the only other option available is setting them to reserved. im going to have to find a pci card some were to check the mb. till then im stuck.
  15. gold always looks sweet with white.
  16. my sound card just decided to go out the other day. windows wont detect it.i put it in another system and windows detected it just fine. i tried all the usuall driver reinstall ect... i was wondering if its possible for just a single pci slot to go bad without any warning or signs.or maybe thier may be a problem with windows?
  17. it all depends on whats under the hood. engine first then asthetics. but the brushed silver look best to me.dark grey dosnt give enouph contrast and the gold/yellowish just dont seem to go to well with the dark color of the car.
  18. well try to live on minimum wage then i think you all will be in favor. you ever seen a 60 year old women working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet couse all 3 of em pay only minimum wage? i have. and were im from its the norm for people to wokr 3 jobs.and lets face it thiers not much time left for school or training for a better job when your working 3 jobs allready. low minimum wage keeps the poor poor and it keeps the rich rich.just the way they like it.
  19. im 24 and havnt had any out yet. (i geuss they usually come out earlier?)i do have the top 2 coming in tho. no problems yet. i hope it stays that way.
  20. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7828123714384920696
  21. k i tried to install my audigy 2 zs sound card but my comp froze during the instalation process so i rebooted.i tried to uninstall the drivers and start over but windows wont let me it sais its unable to invoke any of the subscribers and then it ends the uninstallation. i get the same error when i try to repair or modify it as well.i figured i might be able to install new drivers over the old one but no go it gives me the same error 60% of the way thru the installation. i tried driver cleaner pro and the driver is still in my programs list even when thiers no files for it on my system. i dont know what to do my sound card wont qork and i cant get rid of or repair the drivers. any advice??????
  22. sli is acually more complicated than cross fire. sli requires u to physically brige the 2 cards inside the comp, crossfire all u got to do is plug them both into a cable outside of the comp. sli isnt suported in every game. crossfire dosnt have to be suported it just is.also with crossfire u dont need identical cards. they just have to be from the same series,x800 or x850 or x1800 ect. like u can have an x1800xt master card and add a cheaper x1800xl if u want i believe.
  23. i believe those are the 2d clocks couse i downloaded r520 overclocking tool and it showed 2d and 3d and the 3d clocks were fine how ever i did activate over drive and it set my gpu to 689 for core and 797 for mem for games. but the temps scared me they went up to 70c.
  24. yes im using cat 5.13 and i noticed something else while in the control center my gpu is running 31 mhz slower than it should be (594/suposed to be 625) and my mem is running 57 mhz slower than it should (693/should be 750)
  25. well i got my new system to gether: 64 3800 x1800xt 512 saphire pure inovation mb 1 gig corsair xms 3200(suposed to be 2 gigs of g skill 3200 but had to rma them) well all seems fine cept when i play dod source. the textures dont seem to sharp. i got res at 1280x1024(monitor max) 6 and 16 for aa and af all details are on high. my x800 pro almost seems to do better with regards to image quality. dose any one know of any driver problems that could be cousing this? ive done a clean install of ati newest drivers and i got all setting in ati control center set to game preference.im just hoping that its a driver issue that ati knows about and not just my system.
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