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    Cod 4 Is Awsome

    Yup I remember cod 1 multiplayer. I used to be able to snip with the bar. And the russian sub machine gun was anoying.

    Cod 4 Is Awsome

    I just downloaded the demo, and man this game is awsome. How do they manage to make it so intense. I remember the first COD, I was in aw at the intensity. I had never seen it in a game before. And best of all my system can handle the game easily. It looks awsome. Any one else love this game?
  3. i don't think its that embarrassing. or not to me anyway. 50 years ago yes it would be a huge monumental embarrassment but today china aint no joke. they have lots o money and they sink lots of it into their military. technoligically their moving along very fast. eve their civil projects are ahead of our.they know that in the future they will be in direct conflict with us for resources and they take it as seriously as we do.
  4. if you call any bmw mechanic shop and just ask what weight oil to use im shure they will tell you.
  5. yup probably. any time accepted reality is questioned thier's always people who will call you a blastfemer or the enemy ect...
  6. ive been tryng to find some place thats selling them.newegg is out zzz dosnt have any either. i have found a few places but they want like 300$.
  7. i just dont drink soda period.
  8. k thanks. i geuss im going for the opteron 185. hope fully itl last me a while.
  9. im looking to upgrade my system. my mother board is 939 tho so i was wondering what the fastest cpu for it. i cant seem to find anything over x2 4200.i figured that my next upgrade would probably be a new socket so i wanted to get the fastest for 939 and keep for as long as possible.also im hoping for dual core.
  10. MSVCR71.dll was not found. is the exact message.
  11. i downloaded blender but it wont run. windows sais im missing files. no i8nfo an blender sight or forums. ill try the google one.
  12. Hello OCC! I havn't been on for a long while so hello all. Im here today to inquire about free 3d design software that any one may know about. I just want some thing to play with and learn on.
  13. basically i dont think my regular x1800xt is cf capable so i dont need 2 cards. ive yet to confirm this with asus yet but its the only thing that could be cousing my problem with cf. i would just return the ccf master i got but i accidently broke off one of the threaded studs that the cable screws onto and amazon the store i bought it from has a very garbage return policy.(i wont get a full refund) so basically if i cant have cf i want to recoup some of the money i spent on the cf master card by selling the regular card hoping that maybe a few months from now ill have the money to by an x1800 slave card and i was just curious if the cf card will give me the same performance as the regular x1800xt i have. im still trying to get this setup working(got to call asus and talk with ati also still) but im just trying to prepare my self for what i believe is inevitable. i dont think this setup is going to work and i think its bcouse of the regular x1800xt.
  14. title says it all. are they the same. the reason i ask is that i recently bought an x1800 cfe to go with my asus x1800xt but i cant get the setup to work and im not getting much help from ati or asus. im calling asus tech suport monday but i really dont think thier going to help much so im thinking about selling my x1800xt to a friend of mine but only if the x1800cfe is as good a card as the xt is.
  15. heh sweet thnx. they did replie to an online help request i made although it was just one of those one size fits all e mails.im still waiting for ati to respong to my ticket. ill have to wait for monday to call asus. thnx apreciate it.
  16. well i also posted my problems on the asus forums hoping it may be a mb issue and some one might be able help me. and i also submitted a ticket to ati suport. well im off to search the asus webite for a phone#. they seem to like to hide acual contact info.
  17. i have 2 cards. one is the master card asus x1800xt and ati x1800 crossfire edition what i want to know is if the the asus x1800xt card has to be a special card also. the error message i get in the catalyst menu sais that the cables conecting the 2 cards are cenected wrong or not conected at all. ive tried all possible combinations with the cables but no go. thats why i thought maybe my regular asus x1800xt might need to b a special card also.
  18. i just built my cf system "but" i think i made a mistake. in the catalyst panel it sias i cant enable crossfire becouse the interlink plugs are in the wrong plug on the slave card or not connected(they are connected corectly). however after investigating i noticed that nowere on the box of my regular x1800xt dose it say crossfire ready. im getting the impression that my original 1800xt isnt crossfire capable.i cant seem to find any info as to wether it is or not on the web either.the exact name of the card is Asus EAx1800XT/2DHTV/512M/A can any one help me determine if this card is crossfire capable?
  19. well i got it all together,windows installed,both cards in. i have a problem tho. the catalyst control center wont let me enable crossfire. it sais that i either have the cable connected to the wrong dvi port on my slave or that it isnt connceted at all. well it is conected and i have tried both ports to no avail. what do i do? any one have this problem before? (EDIT) i think i made a big mistake. slave card is an asus x1800xt and no were on the box dose it say crossfire ready. the exact name of the crd is :asus eax x1800xt/2dhtv/512m/a. i do not believe this card supports crossfire. i feel like a moron.
  20. k thats the way i was leaning anyway. seems a bit safer. thanks
  21. im in the process of setting up my rig.i was wondering dose windows have to be installed before both cards go in? or can i put both cards in and then install windows?
  22. cool. thnx for the replies. i really didnt want to remove the x2 and reinstall it.
  23. its not the heatsink. its the little rubber type heat pads that go over the mem chips. the heat sink is making perfect contact with the core.
  24. i just installed my 2 accelero x2's on my 1800xt and my 1800 master card. during instalation one of the memery heat pads slipped a bit off of one of the mem chip. its about 2/3 on and 1/3 off. is this going to couse problems? or can i leave it the way it is. its just a pain to remove again and reset all the pads. they got double sided sticky stuff on them so i'd have to peel them off of the heatsink and place them all back on the mem.
  25. the german/russian front was a horrible part of the war and the germans had supplie line problems. they may have taken the tank after a battle to use as thier own.
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