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  1. i think if everyone who got ripped from him and who used paypal submitted a fraud claim all together you might have a better time getting your money back. this grand larceney he has comited if he stole over 500$
  2. ok i got an amd 2600 it has 256k cache i think its a week 14 it is 2.016 ghz or somethin(dont remember)i think it is a t bred also i was wondering what the fsb is for it. i would just check but it is not in a comp right now. the reason i want to know is couse im going to put it in a system im biulding for my dad and i want to save money so if it is only 266 fsb ill only get 266 ram as apose to 333.
  3. yes upping the fsb is over clocking.also if you want you can try the dynamic over clocking option that way the board dose the work for you.
  4. read the conclusion. it said the x800pro was either matching or beating the 6800 ultra.it also said that in farcry the 6800 ultra is now matching the 800 pro. meaning it wasnt before and the xt was beaten by the 6800 in flight sim 2004. i under stood it to say that the 800 pro($399) at 100$ less than the 6800 ultr ($499)is still the better card.every game they tested on the x800 pro or xt won except for flight sim 2004.
  5. http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MjNy read the conclusion if you dont want to read the whole thing.
  6. tinkers= some kind of wu? im new to folding so i dont know a whole lot about it.
  7. its a replacement bag for the dust buster on the 6800.
  8. the speedo cable go into the front whell it could of snapped in the front wheel. it has happend to me before as for the head light just get some duck tape aand a flash light i remember my first motor bike was a moped. i got it when i was 12 i road that thing into the ground.
  9. well i found a biult by ati x800pro i got for 465$. i know a little pricey since i saw the xt for just over 500 but o well i saved a few bucks.well i know ill still be highly saticefied. ye haw!!!!!
  10. man everywere i go thier out of stock. i saw one a zip zoom fly for 500$ but Noooooooooo not in stock. it dosnt look much better for the x800pro. man these things are like red gold. I WANT MY X800 !!!!!!!!!
  11. yeagh i too am saving for a new card. i allready got 375. woot! im going for the x800xt tho.
  12. it will bu u must set it to pc 4000 manually almost all mother boards wil suport mem faster than 400mhz but 400 mhz is just the industry standard.
  13. as for no onboard sound thats almost impossible.every board i know of has on board sound but you dont have to use it u can still use the sound card.
  14. from what ive herd the 59xx level of the fx line are the only good fx cards and as for the 98 xt it is a proven performer. so i would say got with wich ever you can find cheaper.
  15. alright cool thanks ill jusy be patient.
  16. RADEON

    New Games?

    i saw a few screens from splinter cell 3 on 3d gamers last night. looks awsome.
  17. i just got folding last night and completed a wu and was just wondering if any one knows when the teams stats are checked so i know when ill get my dna strand.
  18. ok cool i found the console in the folding file and just made a shortcut and draged it to my desktop. thanks all
  19. youre kidding me? i got to reboot just to start it?
  20. i know were the folding at home folder is but how do i start it? thiers no shortcut or anything?
  21. i wanted to jion the folding team so i downloaded the file and installed it and it started running instantlly, so i thought no problem i just exited out of it and was going to start it later when i go to bed or leave. so then i went to start it and noticed thiers no desktop shortcut nor did i see one in the [email protected] folder.how do i start it? i had the same problem with [email protected] when i installedit and the console came up i noticed i had a work unit of 5 mil and it said 0 of 5 mil done. how long dose it take to even start a wu?
  22. RADEON

    2001 Honda TRX400ex

    my quad
  23. RADEON

    My dirt bike

    2004 Honda XR400r
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