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  1. Way to expensive. Intel boards and processors are outrageous. Plus I am old school AMD. I remember when socket A on the Nvidia Nforce chip set was king. So I am kind of an AMD fan boy.
  2. For a graphics card I was thinking about a 6850.
  3. I am going to be building a new rig and would like some info on the current line of AMd processors. I am torn between the 1090T X6, or an X4. Also If I were to choose an X4 which one should I choose. This rig is going to be used primarily for gaming, and I am considering overclocking it as well.
  4. Any one else notice that the selection of AM3 mother boards is kind of slim? I am in the process of designing a new build, and I m going to base it off of the AMD Phenom x6 processor. There has got to be twice as many low end micro atx boards for AM3 than high end boards. Mean while Intel boards are plentiful. Is there something I do not know about? A new socket coming out from AMD or something?
  5. One piece of advice I will give to you is to make sure some of your education has to do with the constitution and civil liberties and so on. All most all of a police officers interaction with the public is to some extant governed by the constitution and the civil liberties it protects. Having knowledge of these things will make doing your job easier, and it will be less likely that you would get sued by some one for unknowingly infringing upon their rights as a citizen.
  6. I am not actually using any thing yet. I am going to be building a new rig and wasn't sure if pairing a discrete Radeon 6850 with the on board would be beneficial or not. If pairing a discrete 6850 with the on board fusion graphics will not boost performance then I will not be using a fusion board.
  7. Any one know if it would be beneficial to run say a 6850 with amds on board graphics? Or dose this scale the discrete card down the the performance of the on board graphics?
  8. I just got my tax return and I am considering building a new system. However; I have not been keeping up with hardware advancement, so I am unsure as too what video card to choose. My PC will be a mid range machine used primarily for gaming. Total, everything included, case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, memory, motherboard,hard drive,power supply, video card, CD drive, my budget is about $1000. So i was thinking about an AMD X4, 4 gigs of ram, and for my video card I was looking at this, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150447 It is at a price point I can afford, but I do not know were it stands on performance, the same gos for nvidias cards, I do not know were all these new cards are on performance. The last time I built a PC was when my x1800xt was top of the line
  9. I got an Asus g51vx-a1 laptop and for some reason after I shut it off and then start it back up windows will disable the DVD drive and it will also reset the dpi setting on my razer mouse. Every time I start my computer up I need to go in to the device manager and enable the DVD drive again. Any one got any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  10. RADEON

    Mass Effect 3

    you know this game was announced IN Mass Effect 2. I was just playing ME 2 last night and a tip at the bottom of the loading screen said "decisions in Mass Effect 2 could have dire consequences in Mass Effect 3," all though we already new there would be a ME 3 just because there was a ME 2, so I guess it was not much of an announcement.
  11. So what happens when large chunks of this antimatter start showing them selves? If matter and anti matter cancel each other out by explosion, then this could theoretically bring about the end the the universe. Imagine all the antimatter canceling out all the matter!
  12. HAH! LOL! He literally drove the wheels off of it!
  13. I want to monitor gpu temps and cpu temps, maybe voltages if possible. I am running a laptop so I don't know what mother board I have.
  14. I was wondering if any one could direct me to a good system monitoring software program. Thanks in advance.
  15. I used to own a creative audigy 2. I went throught the same run around all the time with that card. Finally I got sick of it and just stomped it into the floor
  16. I do not know if any one realizes this, but in order for that thing to be produced so cheaply, as with most super cheap products, some group of people some were must be exploited in some way. On the retail end of the spectrum, yes the price is cheap, but the further you go in the other direction, the more expensive it gets in some way.
  17. RADEON

    Starcraft II

    This game is all ready out dated. It does not look that impressive to me. I have not seen any thing from star craft that you can not get from other games. Although the fact that Korea has teems of tweens professionally playing this game is kind of entertaining.
  18. I believe in God. I am a Catholic.
  19. Ive always just put a few rice sized blobs across one side of the cpu and used a razor. took only like 1 minute, and i get a perfectly even coating.
  20. Ive been away from puters for a while and was wondering about intels new chipsets and socket offerings, and the new i5 and i7 cpus. i am thinking about building a gaming rig.
  21. RADEON

    Steam Games

    Well can I? I want to be able to play them with out steam, not just in off line mode, but actually out side of the steam environment. thanks.
  22. ok wich is better the radeon 4850 mobile or the gtx 260 mobile? I'm looking at these two latp tops. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834152103 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16834220576
  23. I noticed! Thanks for the advice. I think I'll get a laptop. I need something mobile.
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