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  1. No one can answer that question for you - you'll just have to try it out for yourself and see. However - I doubt it would help. Most likely your problem is the timings on your memory, or the memory controller not being too fond of the divider you're using, or some combination thereof.
  2. I understand that completly. I really don't care what the actual temps are - I'm just looking for a point of reference. I think somehow the temp sensor just broke. I'm going to reseat the heatsink just to make myself feel good - and then temps be damned. I'm only using 1.45 volts anyways - with an XP120 I figure I'll be cool enough. The CPU only has to last 6 months to a year - as I have an insane need to upgrade frequently.
  3. I just upgraded from a 3700+ to a 3800+ dual core CPU. My temps with the 3700+ were around 27 idle, 38 load. Now - MBM shows CPU at 46 idle, and 46 both cores loaded. I figured MBM or the BIOS was messed up - so I reflashed the bios, uninstalled/reinstalled MBM. Same results. So - if you're using a dual core CPU and the Ultra D what do you use to monitor temps? Maybe the tempature gauge just broke. Dunno...
  4. Have you tried pushing it without bumping the voltage? No one knows what exactly is "safe" beyond stock voltage.
  5. I tried out my new 3700+ week 26 from Monarch last night. Seems to clock ok. My problem is the divider. I'm using OCZ 2 x 1 gig sticks which are good up to 217 at some fairly tight timings. The 11x multiplier and 166 divider are not working right. At 238 HTT and a 166 divider the ram should be running at like 198 but for some reason it shows up at 187? I haven't tried the 9x multi but the 10x multi works as it should. The problem is the 10x multi is too low - the reason I bought the 3700+ was for the 11x multi. I haven't yet tried the 150 divider on the 10x multi but that would also get me where I want to go. Anyways - let me know if you guys have any ideas here. My bios settings look like this... (Got these from Ryder at OCZ) DRAM Config 166 enable 2 3 5 2 13 16 2 2 1 2 0780 auto enabled auto 0 Level 6 or 8 Level 2 8 ns 6 ns 256 disable 16 07 disable
  6. I'll sell you my system for $5000 including shipping
  7. I'm using an XP120 but frankly unless you're looking to run a low speed 120mm fan there is no point to spend the extra money as the XP90 cools just as well. Also, the XP120 will play havoc with your airflow if you have anything other than a low speed fan increasing case temps. That said - if you're looking for excellent cooling and want quiet nothing can beat the XP120 with a low speed fan.
  8. The memory controller is stressed more in Windows than memtest with the A64 in my experience - so at those high speeds - being memtest stable but not windows stable is quite possible. If you haven't tried more voltage yet - go for it - but at the end of the day it could simply be your CPU isn't going to make it happen. Sounds like you got some awesome memory tho.
  9. You need a multimeter to measure the 3.3 rail. The Powerstream can easily supply enough voltage to the 3 volt rail. However - for your motherboard to be able to give you 3.2 stable without dips you need to have your 3.3 rail running at 3.4 - thats just how it works - I can't explain why so don't ask. You can buy a cheap multimeter for $10 - I got mine on sale for $3. Also - you could very well have registry errors. Raise the 3.3 rail to 3.4 - if it doesn't help reinstall windows.
  10. I had this problem initially. I solved it by entering the Lan address manually in the bios. Then once I flashed to a new bios the problem was solved...until now... :D:D
  11. I understand what you're saying - and I'm going to try it - but I'm not optimistic because I put in the Gigabyte drivers fresh (wasn't using them B4), restarted the computer and went into bios, plugged the cable into the Gigabyte slot, no light - went into windows, showed not connected. Its really strange because I have changed video cards 5 times on this board without problems.... So I spent $18 on a 10/100 card and a new Cat5 cable.... Keep the suggestions rolling in ...
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